Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

We enjoyed our week here with wonderful weather, except today, free campsite, wifi and the standard tornado warning,

Where are we today ?
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         We got through the tornado warning yesterday no problem it went all around us. Other than  some very strong winds and rain in the early evening things settled down nicely overnight.
         But the weather cooled down quite a bit and only 45f overnight. Today overcast, raining off and on and a 24 mph wind gusts to 40 mph. Think maybe its not great weather for playing outside.
         So after a few supplies picked up in town, just puttered around, discussing some travel options for the next few days and reading, not much else other than dump our tanks, add some fresh water, and check our tire pressure, put our chairs and Weber Q away before we lift anchor and head further east and north in the morning.
Laundry exercise room
         This afternoon I wandered over to the clubhouse and played some pool, Suzie was not into it so just me. Hmm, it has been way too many years and and heck I can hardly hit the ball. Good thing nobody else was there they would have been laughing at me.
nice large room here for stuff
computer room with free wifi and computers 
wonderful social room and large screen tv
Now the pool room
hard to play table tennis by myself,
but I can shoot pool
hmm I am sure our of practice
we can even borrow these bikes for a ride if we like
the back campsites by the water vacant right now, off season
      Time for a shower and could not resist these amazing showers here, and they had the temp in there at 80f, perfect! A very nice long hot shower was wonderful.
excellent showers
the sun came out but the winds did not go away
       For supper tonight we decided an omelet and Suzie wanted home fried potatoes to go with them. Hmm, we don't eat many potatoes so none on hand. Went to the garage down the road, nope. Check at the office/store nope. BUT the friendly security guard overheard me, said "you want a potatoe? I have some". no problem . So I followed him to his trailer and he gave me 2 and would not take any money for them. Now how is that for a wonderful staff?
got 2 taters, I partially cooked in the microwave
then shredded for home fried potatoes
           A 6 egg omelette that we shared, with fresh mushrooms, onions, chicken and cheese, added to the potatoes had more than we could eat, leftovers.
sure did the trick tonight
       Now after supper the wind died down a bit and sunshine but still only 58f. Nice but not for sitting outside with the breeze. Got our blog posted, read for a while them watch the tube until time to hit the hay.
       Glad that y'all dropped by for a visit, and hope your day was wonderful as well.

Where have we been this Winter?


  1. They sure have done a nice job renovating that camp ground. We want to spend more time there the next time we go through the area.

    1. They sure have compared to what it was like a few years ago. We do enjoy this area as well.

  2. Supper looks yummy and nice and easy for an indoor meal. Travel safe!

  3. That looks like a really nice campground! It's alittle scary to have a tornado warning...glad all is ok!

    1. It is a wonderful campground, we always watch the weather and there is a shelter right close to us.

  4. The storms went through here last night. As a breakfast food lover, that is my kind of meal.

    1. It was a wonderful, glad the storms went right by you and no damage.

  5. Glad the tornadoes missed you. Looks like a nice place and free potatoes too! What a bargain.

    1. It is a wonderful park and everything free really gotta love it !


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