Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 24, 2017

Arizona clear blue skies, and sunshine, it was just another wonderful day !

Where are we today ?
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          Now this weather we are having is pretty good no complaints here. Arizona skies we having, sunshine no clouds this is wonderful !
            Got a  nice walkabout town about 7:30 am, Yes, a bit cool with the NE wind but sunshine makes it all better. Our solar panels love it !
           Home by 9 am and called my Chiropractor in Waterloo. An appointment for 10:10 am perfect ! Hopped in the car and got a tune up. I am doing pretty good and he was impressed . Must be the good life, ya think ?
          From here to New Hamburg to order new prescription lenses for me. It is nice that our health care  pays for the complete eye exam.  I have new frames so just need the new lenses made here really not too bad at all. Then picked a few groceries and home by noon for lunch.
         In the meantime Suzie had an offer to go to Woodstock Ontario with SIL Sandy just cause they could. Nice chance for them, to catchup up as well.
like this most of the day
Arizona skies are amazing!
here we are under the willow trees
just starting to come to life
       Temps got t 68 F (20C) but a cool NE wind right on our patio, No problem here we can sit behind our coach in the sun and no wind. Perfect for a lovely afternoon reading outside.
perfect spot to enjoy this wonderful warm sunny weather
        Soon time of supper, fire up our Weber Q 100 to grill a couple of Turkey Burgers.
another great meal on our Weber Q
added to our salad was wonderful
       No problem today at all, got some stuff done and the sunny skies were wonderful.
      Thanks for stopping by and hope y'all had an awesome day as well.
      The way I look at it  every day we are upright and breathing is an awesome day !

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Beautiful site!! Love that willow tree!! You are so right....that sky IS blue!!

  2. Yesterday was another perfect outdoor day. We enjoyed it too.

    1. It sure was a wonderful day warm and sunny sure does it.

  3. Not fair you dragged those Arizona skies home with you. Now what are all the folks in Arizona going to enjoy? :cD

    1. I figured there is enough Arizona clear blue skies to share with us as well, I am sure they will have enough of that and heat for the summer months.

  4. Beautiful! It looks like Spring! Snow in Alberta..ugh lol! Enjoy your day!

    1. Yes Jenn spring has sprung it was a beautiful day.


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