Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Galleta meadows, Julian Pie Company and friends stopped by.

Where are we today ?
Borrego Springs Ca
click on a pick to enlarge it
      Overnight temp was in the low 50's f, last night windows open just wonderful!
Then as usual up early coffees and computing done the cann take off for a cruise around this beautiful country side about 7:30 am.
I believe these are date Palms
orange orchard 
      Then a came across some desert sculptures that we have not seen before. So need to cruise around and see a few more again. Last time we were here was maybe 7-8 years ago.
      These sculptures were a dream of Dennis Avery who passed away July 23rd 2012
Galleta Meadows    In all, there are 129 figures of artist Breceda's creations all over this area just set in the desert here, fun to explore. These are just a few.
The sculptures were created by artist/welder Ricardo Breceda, who is based in Perris, California.  
Now this huge serpent goes a very long way both sides in the road and is impressive.
this the serpent's tail
the head
love this jeep, detail is amazing
     Ok my morning cruise is done and Suzie ready to go out. 8:30 we headed out over the mountains to got to Julian California. Famous for the Julian Pie Company. It was a 35 mile trip takes one hour. Up and over the mountain. Narrow winding good roads , beautiful scenery that was breathtaking.
       Map below shows the route we took the blue road there and the gray back home. A great excursion to elevations over 4 thousand feet. Great road for motorcycles and we saw lots !
83 miles round trip
    Got to Julian by 9:30 walked about the very touristy town only 2 blocks and every place has the best apple pie in town. We checked our a few stores and enjoyed the quiet ambiance, for now, will be a zoo this weekend! Found most things over priced but that was expected.
      Then the reason we came here to buy a piece of pie to share. Stop at the Julian Pie company store.
nice choices
One slice of apple Mountain berry pie for later 
        The Julian Pie Company   for a slice to share of the Apple Mountain Berry Pie  
Shared a plain apple cider donut
which was awesome !
       Then a different route home through San Ysibel where the actual pie factory is. Not much else there, but we did not stop.
this where they bake the pies
        Headed home this way and was good roads until the last 10 or so miles, 8% grade all the way down amazing views along the way though.
the Salton Sea in the distance way diwn below
         Now a nice light lunch and reading in the shade, temps in the mid 80's love it !
         Then our friends Jean and Skip stopped by for a lovely afternoon chat, catch up again as they are heading out tomorrow morning. So nice to see them again. Probably not until next winter again, if all works out well for everyone.
Jean and Skip a supper
    Before we know it time to fire up our Weber Q. Tonight a cornish hen with a caesar salad will do the trick.
    That was our fun day here in the desert, love Borrego springs, so laidback and peaceful here and wonderful scenery to boot. Hopefully tomorrow I can find the snake or at least try.
       Thanks for joining us today it was sure a great one for us. Hope it was for you as well.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Sounds like so much fun. Looks like you had a great day touring the area.

  2. I saw pictures of those sculptures in another blog just the other day! Can't remember which one. Pie looks delicious!

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun day and that is a fine looking piece of pie. Now I'm off to research the pie town.

  4. P.s. It was Life's Little Adventures, by Jim and Gayle.

  5. It was fun seeing you two yesterday, glad we got a chance to say see you later.


  6. That area around Julian is very good for motorcycling. We have not been there yet this winter but we will, soon enough. Only 30 minutes further west and you would have been on the California ocean side.

    1. Years ago we can to San Ysibel from the west camoed in Ramona. Just wanted to check out Julian this time.
      Enjoy your trip through the mountians here.

  7. Ok George. What snake are you trying to find? I'm trying to avoid them! LOL

    1. This is the huge stone snake over the hill behind us.
      Have never seen a real one yet in our 10 years down here.

  8. Excellent sculptures, nice road trip and pie to top it all off. What's not to like!

  9. Love those Julian Pies! We made that run through beautiful country a couple of times last year.

    1. It is a scenic drive and pie at the end is a bonus.

  10. Those are fantastic sculptures. Thanks for posting pictures of them.

  11. Love the metal sculptures. Have yet to go to Julian. Need to return to AB.

    1. It is a nice drive through the mountains and a destination if you in the area.

  12. We had a great time exploring those desert sculptures. Amazing what one man can do.

  13. That pie looked so good I'm surprised there was not fighting over the last bite! :c)

    1. No fighting I cut it in half, just wanted a sample and it was excellent.

  14. We love that road trip, although haven't actually stopped in Julian for pie. I got to meet Ricardo Breceda in person when we were south. He is a really sweet softspoken guy. I have no idea how he managed to create such a volume of art.

    1. That would have been wonderful to meet Ricardo, his artwork is amazing !


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