Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 12, 2016

Back to the Hot Springs in Holtville and hang out with friends over the long weekend

Where are we today ?
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         Up early and a cruise about town until Suzie is ready to hit the road this morning. 
Stopped by the State park for a walkabout the back through town.
         I spotted this Vintage Rv park and had to take a cruise through it to check out some of the vintage trailers here. And yes some great looking older trailers here.
     Then Christmas circle a farmer's market getting set up. So I stopped to check it out. kinda nice but no deals to be had here. Most things way over priced. How about one dozen free range organic chicken eggs for $8:50 a dozen !! Think not.
love this bicycle
      Back home by 8 am and we secured our coach ready to hit the road.Taking our time only 80 miles to go today back to the Hot Springs in Holtville BLM area and hang ot with our friends for a few days.
road work, removing sand drifts
from the highway
        Stopped at Arco service centre at Salton City they have a free sewage disposal and free water. Then head on down the road.
the Salton Sea in the distance
reminds us of Ontario farm country
        Got here at the Hot Spring LTVA and all set up before noon. Whip up a bite for lunch, set up our Satellite dish and relaxed in the shade enjoying our e-readers.
80f in the shade 108f in the sun
the shade is good
      Then our friends here have Happy hour at 3:30 so we join in for a while and a decision  was made 10 of going for the friday night chicken wing special. Same as last week.
nice group for happy hour
this be us 10 enjoying our feast
Suzie's chicken burger and fries
me 20 wings, fries, veggies and dip
        Conversation flows even more we had our fill and leftovers to take home. Yep we had another fun dessert  day. We here until Tuesday, get through this long weekend then to the Yuma area for a couple weeks.
        Thanks for stopping by, hope your day was amazing as well.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Two chickens included with those eggs @ $8.50 Eh??
    Don't tell them about your world-famous grill....

    1. With 2 chickens would be good but this was just for the eggs !
      I would cook them chickens on my Weber Q.

  2. The end was supposed to be a smile.....I am just too older to figure out how to do that stuff...
    I do have a mustache.....

  3. Vintage? That's a good name for many mobile home and RV parks we've been to. They were quite good at coming up with the name for the park. It' much better than Old.

    1. Yeah I thought so too, at least these "Vintage" trailers were well maintained at least, not trashy.
      Just think we could call ourselves "Vintage" rv'ers, lol...

  4. Boy what a difference a year makes. Last year you were up to your ears in snow; this year nothing but sunshine!

    1. That's for sure, like this weather much more, bring on the heat...

  5. Gotta love those chicken wings! The roadwork picture has me worried at first, thought you were driving in Australia!

  6. $8.50 a dozen??? Not unless they were by the goose that laid golden eggs! ;c)


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