Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Amazing weather and George came back for another fun day with us.

Where are we today ?
Borrego Springs California
click on a pic to enlarge it
         What an amazing day we started out with, warm overnight and temps in the low 60's by 7 am. Love it ! Into the high 80's by noon.
      Walkabout this area known as Peg Leg Smith free camping area. You can read a lot about him on the internet if you wish.
small water tower across the road,
for Patsy
    Then I drove around a while checking the area again and into town. Just have to see Christmas Circle.
Christmas Circle
          Now back to home dirt and another walkabout is in order.
that is us on the right 
     I am on a mission to locate the Big Stone Snake somewhere over those hills behind us.
So I took off for a leisurely walk towards the hill. But not really prepared for the hike turned back to try again another day (hopefully), walking stick and water.
but I did get this far
          Then we just enjoyed this wonderful very warm weather in the shade.  And yep you know its warm when Suzie in wearing shorts in the shade!
      We were having a good friend, guest, visitor, for supper today. Second time this winter last time in Quartzsite. George, the man with all the hot pepper sauces that got me hooked. We chat, catchup and he wants even more info about our RV lifestyle.
         He brought some wonderful dry rubbed pork steaks he marinated along with lots veggies and his wonderful spices. The two of us prepared the meal for our Weber Q, nope Suzie did not mind at all! She cand read her book while did this.
George prepping the veggies and pork
        Of course George brought a wonderful hot salsa and even found a Borrego springs Habanero sauce in town as well.
excellent salsa
Borrego Springs Hot Sauce
      The pork steaks wonderful spiced with an amazing Butt Rub onions and garlic.
Veggies again nicely spiced and wrapped in foil. I whipped some scalloped potatoes also wrapped in foil and all on our baby Q. George also picked up some store made Chorizo sausage in town to cook up and try.
       Then time to dine in style ( camping style) good friends, good conversation and good food. Does it get much better? Think not.
oh so tasty
   Then to wind down outside enjoy the sunset and amazing star filled desert skies.
Yep we love it here.
    Thanks for dropping by today, always nice to hear from y'all.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Big or small water towers, George, no matter to me, I love 'em all! Thank you! This is a squatty little one.

    1. Well I is across the road where we are parked and figured that this would qualify as one as well.

  2. Those hot sauces look good! I made shrimp diablo the other night... used about 1/4 of an habenero pepper (among other kinds) and even that tiny bit gave the sauce a lot of ooomph! Hope you find the snake and post photos...

    1. The sauces excellent, I love the heat, but no for Suzie though.
      I hope to so searching again either Wednesday or Thursday.

  3. We're definitely going to have to visit Borrego Springs. Haven't done that yet but certainly plan on it.

    1. Just something about this remote desert area we enjoy.

  4. Oh yes. It is a bit of a hike to get to the Big Stone Snake. It is nice but not worth getting too excited over.

    1. What I want to do is accomplish the hike the snake is just the reason to go on the hike.

  5. Always make certain to bring your water with you out in the desert even at those temps it is easy to get dehydrated.
    Another great visit. Hopefully that wasn't too spicy for Suzie to eat.
    We're getting colder for the weekend.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We always take water with us when we go anywhere, thats why I did not carry on with my hike.
      No it was very tasty spices, George and I boosted our own plates, was wonderful.

  6. Always good to have a pepperhead for a friend.

  7. Borrego Springs is on our list...I agree, you had a perfect day! Hope you find the stone snake!

    1. Thanks it was, a great day, will go looking on Thursday.


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