Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Visit to Castle Dome Ghost town and locked up in jail!

Where are we today ?
Yuma Lakes resort, Yuma Arizona
So much to see today I decided to make it two postings'
this is part one
      Today started as another fun day here in Arizona. Our plan is to head of to the Castle Dome Mine museum and ghost town. 
      On the road shortly after 9 am for the 38 mile drive to see what we can see.
Passed by the Yuma proving grounds
about 9 miles in on this country road to Castle Dome
almost there
here we are !
Castle dome city
        So much to see here and check things out some great history of the southwest and wonderful stories to read about. This has been reconstructed over a 20 year span, to preserve some on the great history here from the late 1800's.
        Within a 10 mile radius there was over 300 silver mines here with claims filed. It was at one time a booming southwestern town. 5 bars within a mile of the Dome, hotels, bordellos, mercantiles, barbers, blacksmiths, doctors you name it. Now all is mostly gone after the price of silver plummeted way back when.
         But sure is fun to wander about and try to relive what went on back about 150 years ago. And they have done a great job of creating this.
Bart's Cabin
nice looking saguaro cactus
a few old vehicles left here
rest rooms are here,
pretty fancy eh?
barber shop
garage and restaurant 
       So many stories and recollections to read about sure makes for a great day.
hey we had one of these!
dinning room
another bar
nice tin ceiling
dress maker
blacksmith shop
sharpen your knives? I remember these!!!
Dam I must be old!!
there was actually a wedding here last December 
Oh no!!!
          Well I got caught! The Sheriff locked me up. But I didn't do it!!!
guess I was a bad boy!!
        But Suzie posted bail $5.00 to allow me to come home and cook her dinner (such a sweetie she is). So with the ball and chain attached I was able to return home, finish reading my book and prepare supper. 
       We have to eat ya know! Don't much like prison food. 
       While making supper was able to watch these energetic fellows wax our neigbors rv. Pretty reasonable they were too.
          Fired up our Weber Q grilled some chicken thighs, potato and zucchini slices for a nice tasty meal.
sure hit the spot tonight
       Then I was returned to jail to await trial in the morning.
       Thanks for stopping in today and wish me well in court tomorrow.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Ya well you deserve to be locked up in jail AND I hope they throw away 'da key !! LOL

    Great pictures ! I'm not even talking about the meal you prepared tonight !! NOPE !!

    1. Awe,,, c'mon you not nice, and I purposely made extra incase you dropped by.
      Guess I will pack the leftovers for lunch then.

  2. Ghost towns are always fun and interesting with the history.

  3. An interesting day to be sure. Thanks for the pics.

    1. Glad you could drop by sure was a fun day.

  4. We love little ghost towns. They are so much fun to wander through. If ghosts could talk, we'd certainly hear lots of tales.

    1. They were such colorful times all these pioneers of this great country. So many interesting stories on the walls of almost every building to read as well.

  5. How could I pass up a blog with a title like this? HAHA
    All the times we have been out west, we have actually never visited a ghost town. Next year when we are out that way, we WILL visit one. Thanks for the tour.
    I'm shocked that Suzie paid so quickly for you to get out of jail. Well, I can see her are the cook after all.

    1. This was a fun tour and would recommend it. She can cook but much easier for me to do it.

  6. Like you, I enjoy roaming around places like this and wondering what it was like. Thanks for the tour.

    1. Always fun to try and imagine what it must have been like.

  7. Fun place to check out, thanks for sharing the pics. And giving me another great Weber idea. Take care!

    1. It was a fun palce.
      So much you can do on your Weber!

  8. Your post brings back nice memories. Joe and I even stole a kiss in that school room just a few weeks ago!
    Thanks George!

    1. Is fun going there, you kissed the teacher??

  9. Never been to Castle DOme but we have boondocked at the Yuma Proving Grounds. Have some zuch slices on the Weber as we speak. Trying them naked tonight ;)

    1. We have camped at the proving grounds too.
      Anything on the weber is good, even naked.

    2. We have camped at the proving grounds too.
      Anything on the weber is good, even naked.


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