Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Prison visit today!

Where are we today ?
Pilot Knob resort, Winterhaven California

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        Yep we did! We went to check out the Yuma Territorial Prison and museum. Went there pretty early at 10 am before it gets too hot. Not too far from the campground and just needed to check this place out.
         No outstanding warrants for my arrest so figured we should be good to go, besides it was closed in 1909.
          It was a perfect morning to go, not too busy, not too expensive $6.00 each for a self guided tour is in our budget. And not too hot yet. We like hot but, relaxing in the shade is the way to do it.
main guard house, over the water cistern
        So much old west history here and some very interesting stories from the past.
view from the guardhouse 
Sally Port
Museum entrance
       The most interesting stories were of the women prisoners who were incarcerated here.
model of the prison
        Below is the cell block set up for 204 prisoners 6 to a cell, it was a hell hole!
cell block, it did have a roof over it originally
more cells
Prison Library
Entrance to the new yard and more cells
new yard and more cells
new cells 
cell block
the dark cell for violators 
inside the dark cell
prison barber
        A couple hours to do a complete tour here, was a very interesting bit of history from the old west. Lots of very interesting stories.
        Now its time for lunch and it works out perfect. We have been wanting to stop into the Quechan Casino. Because I have a craving a Prime Rib dinner, a rare teat for me! They have a prime rib meal special for $9.95 and just cannot resist it any longer it has been well over a year, maybe 2, since I have enjoyed this. But it was calling my name. 
         Not so much for Suzie but they do have other menu options.
Suzie's Penne Pasta with Alfredo sauce and shrimp
very tasty
          Now the next one was my Prime rib, rare just the way I like it! and Oh soo good. And a very hot, good horseradish to round it off
          Some of you may want to skip looking at the next picture I will make it smaller.
awesome prime rib
      Now after a tasty filling meal here, we can return home and enjoy the heat of the day, even hotter than yesterday. But thats why we are here. We have shade, have our books, a light breeze and just had to hit the pool, which amazingly was pretty empty. Perfect refreshing temperature in the high 80's sure did the trick.
small hot tub, but too hot for that
very refreshing swim
      More shade, more reading, walkabouts and a nice light snack for supper.
crackers, cheese, celery and peanut butter
a nice light supper
          We were able to actually read outside until after 6:30pm, spring is coming!
Another nice Desert sunset that we love so much
        We would like to say thanks once again for stopping on by for a visit, we sure are enjoying it here. And if you can find us feel free to drop by anytime.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. One of the female prisoners, Pearl Heart, was a Canadian. Many of the low clearance doorways were made for the filming of an Audie Murphy movie to disguise the fact that he was very short. There were also some raised walkways where Murphy could walk beside another actor who was walking beside the raised walkway. That way they appeared to be of equal height, It looks like they have made many changes since I was there several years ago. I will have to go back.

    1. Yes Pearl was Canadian, It was a very interesting piece of old west history.

  2. Very interesting but thank goodness you didn't get locked inside and had to stay!

  3. Hm, mental note. Never tell your sister to kill you. It could end badly. Right in the face, eh? Yikes.

    1. You just never know what will happen when you piss off your sister.

  4. You are always finding the interesting things to see without breaking the bank.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We don't like to waste money on expensive tourist attractions, very often , we really like free the best.

  5. We toured that prison several years ago. It was really, really interesting. Yes, the women back in the "old" days were very rowdie....hehe

  6. Seeing a prison like that sure makes you want to stay out of trouble!

  7. Every time we are in Yuma, we tell ourselves to visit the prison. But....we still have not done so. Having seen your photos, I think that will have a visit will have to move to the top of the Yuma agenda.

    1. It was quite informative if you take the time to read all the stories and signs.

  8. Great tour of the prison and brought back some memories or our visit there the last time we were in Arizona about 4 or 5 years ago.

    That prime rib dinner looked pretty awesome, George.

    1. The prison tour was better than we thought, definitely worthwhile.
      As was the prime rib dinner too!

  9. We were at the Prison about 4 years ago... looks like they might have fixed it up a bit since then. Love all the old American History... can't get enough of it!

    Now that is one RARE looking piece of prime rib! I would have been right there with you for that dinner!

    1. Actually they have fixed it up a bit and is looking well maintained.
      Rare as they go, melt in your mouth perfect.

  10. Suzie's Penne pasta looks wonderful …. don't eat meat any longer … and the main reason I obey laws is to avoid going to prison. jumping jeeeeeez .. gives me the jeebie jeebies...

    1. Not everyone eats meat and not everyone obeys' the laws, thats just tha way things are.
      We don't want to go to jail either.

  11. Thanks for the tour, we never did it. Those first cells were very tiny and the beds so narrow. Good to see that the new cells were better.

    1. A little better but not much. It is a worthwhile tour if you get the chance.


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