Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Visit Ma and just enjoying another great day...

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Another great night's sleep and early morning, all is good so far.
 Ma called shortly after 8 am and wants a new thermostat for her house. So hop in the car and head to Waterloo, Canadian Tire has the product we need, simple thermostat, heat, off and air conditioning,  configure to Celsius of Fahrenheit temperatures no programs, too simple. So took out the other one hooked this up and now ma happy! Well gotta fix her computer first, just a few minor adjustments  Oh on the way to Waterloo passed a huge field of sunflowers, have never seen so many on one place at the same time. Such an awesome site to see!

        Soon back home, have bite to eat for lunch with Suzie and, chat with Sis for a bit, then attacked our slide out mechanism.  Removed the covers and took pictures of the assembly, part number and serial numbers to see if our supplier can locate a new motor for our rig.
        Then before we know it time for "Happy Hour" with our host. Up on the deck and chat for a bit, play with the Blondes (four Blonde dogs) and home to whip up a bite to eat. First off make a batch of home made fries for our hosts to munch on. 
treat time
let's dance
fresh cut fries
        Then grill a couple chicken breasts on a bun for our supper add a few fries now we are good for the night!

         Just another great day with Ontario's summer weather. Glad that you could drop by.
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  1. Time is fleeting. The warm weather will soon be over and time to head south. Enjoy yourselves!

  2. Love the sunflowers and good luck with the slide out motor replacement.


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