Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A nice drive to Michigan and back, spend money to save money.chatting with another couple

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario

        Gonna be a wonderful bright sunny day and our last one here for a week. No special plans other than going for a drive to check out the small Ferry across the St. Clair river to Marine City Michigan. Many people have told us about this crossing, and the duty free deals to be had. So we decided its the perfect day to go.
guess who?

180 kms , 111 miles
         So about 10 am we hopped in the car and headed  west for a bit towards Sarnia Ontario then  hwy 40 south to Sombra.
we passed many oil refineries on the way
huge frieghter
         Just a bit more than and hour we came to the small village of Sombra and easily found the Bluewater Ferry. This is a small ferry holds a dozen or so cars that will take us across the St. Clair river to the United States. In particular Marine City Michigan.

        We parked our car and paid the $2.00 return trip fee for walk on passengers. 
        A short 10 minute ride across the river and we are in Michigan. A quick customs check and now we can wander down the main street and along the water front enjoying the views and wonderful sunny day.
Duty free shop welcomes us to the USA.

        Part of our trip is a daily outing so at noon we found a nice looking restaurant to stop for a bite to eat for lunch. We had a nice window seat beside the river and the ferry dock, good service and a tasty lunch for a very reasonable price. 

Clubhouse and fries for Suzie
Fish sandwich (yellow perch) for me
        Now full tummies and a doggie bag, (enough for another lunch) we headed to the duty free shop to check out the deals. Good deal to be had but they only sell alcohol, like limited choices of beer and spirits. But seeing as we are here and we will consume it eventually, lets take advantage of the savings. Now to compare prices to what we pay in Canada. First a 1.75 litre bottle of Canada Gold Whiskey here is $11.00, in Ontario $53.95. 24 cans of Bud Light beer is $18.00 if we buy 5 cases, in Ontario $39.95 for 24 cans. So two bottles of whiskey and 5 cases of beer to a total of $114.00, they even loan us a hand cart to transport our purchases back to Canada on the ferry.
        While waiting for a few more passengers we spotted a ferret scurrying around the rocks beside the dock.

another couple with a cart load of goodies
yes we have a trunk load.
        Now that sure looks like a lot of beer, and it is but we will consume it over time ourselves and with friends and we are saving a fare bit of money and had a nice day trip as well. Now at Canada Customs we have to pay Tax and duty on our purchases. So in line for a few minutes we are processed thru we pay another $101.00 dollars bringing our total coast to $225.00. Sounds like a lot? Well yes if you don't drink it is. But to purchase the same products here in Ontario it would have cost us  $307.80 a savings of $82.80, minus $4.00 for the ferry. $20.00 for gas for the car , $21.00 for lunch. We had a great sightseeing day, purchased a large supply of alcohol, had a nice lunch and still saved $37.80
huge freighter on the river
        Now back in Ontario we headed north for a scenic drive up the St Clair Parkway on the banks of the St. Clair river. 

tug boat pulling a barge
        Quite a few oil refineries in this area reminds us of south Texas.
oil refinery
oil refinery
        Back home we are about to relax and friends of ours dropped in for a visit, Rob, Pat and their dog Lady Girl. They pulled in this afternoon for a few days, certainly a nice surprize, we have not seen them since last December in Rockport Texas. 
        So we chatted for a bit, then we packed up a few items, and whipped up a tasty supper. Some breaded pork schnitzel on a fresh kaiser bun with salsa and melted cheese, home fried potatoes with onions and farm fresh tomatoes. 
        After supper stopped by their trailer and enjoyed a nice campfire with them to catch up some  more. We are leaving in the morning heading back to the farm then off to Sicards on thursday to get out slideout repaired.

        Another great day of adventure glad you could join us around the campfire.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. WOW! That certainly does look like a lot. Hope it takes a while to go through all of that.

    1. That depends on how much company we have that drink beer.

  2. Sounds like a fun outing and you can out ahead! Perfect!

  3. Glad you had a great day and save some money to boot. I'm afreaid it may have cost us more as Kevin doesn't like Bud Light so he would probably buy something else and that would probably be more expensive. I can't believe that it is so expensive to buy booze in Canada.

    1. There was half dozen other brands of beer as well, same price, but Suzie likes Bud Light, and I will drink any beer as long as it is cold.

  4. Nice day trip, looks like a clean little border town. Not a bad deal on the beer and getting a nice outing out of the deal, was the icing on the cake. Like the way you fixed up the schnitzel. And another great ending to the day with those campfires.


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