Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunshine, John Deere and the dogs

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
           Another great sunny day, not as hot as it has been but still awesome. This morning coffees with our hostess  then a quick trip to New Hamburg to the store. They picked up some gas and now I can  mow the lawn . The last time this lawn was cut was when I did it the end of June for the Canada Day Party July 1st. We have a very hot dry summer so it did not need to be cut. Five acres of lawn takes a while to do, so I began with the front yard side yard and play yard. Finally after 5 hours of mowing it was time for me to quit. 3: 30 pm and  getting hot. 
John Deere
Molly and Buddy playing
nice day for Suzie to read
getting started
Suzie brushing buddy
        Time for swim and a cold brew. The pool was refreshing and the beer was cold, what more can I ask for?
        After the swim and relax for a bit, fire up our Weber for some potato pockets with onions and carrots. Some Garlic sausage and we are good for supper. Lea went to work and John not home yet so we had their son Jamie here for supper too.

Of course Molly and Buddy had to join us .
        Now another great day done, read outside for a bit, a light rain then soon time to call it a night.

        Thanks for stopping by once again!
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  1. That's just about what a warm summer day is all about.

  2. Thank goodness for that John Deere mower!!

    Another great day and a wonderful looking dinner to boot!


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