Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Another screaming hot day

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
       Hot and humid again today. No shade where we are camped and no ac, but we had a couple of awnings that helped out.  And of course we have the real lifesaver, John and Lea's pool. We are just going to have to stay there and be cool playing in the water all day. And thats exactly what we did. Just a few pics to prove that we did. 
camping breakfast
        About mid afternoon our other daughter and her spouse came by with two more grandchildren. Now all five grands are here! The two oldest are eight, then 6, 5 and 3, so we sure had a busy day, playing in the pool to keep cool. 
everybody is here

        Now to feed the masses today I am going to BBQ two whole chickens on our Weber Q-100. Have never done two at a time but I know our trusty Weber is up to the task at hand. So all the chicken, a few burgers, a couple of hot dogs, large pot of mashed potatoes, of course Swiss Chalet sauce,  and Kim's large tossed salad we had more than enough for all 11 of us. 
ready to cook

so yummy
Lotsa food
waiting for suppe 
And even had blueberry and raspberry shortcakes to celebrate a 6th Birthday tomorrow and a 5th last week.
Happy Birthday

        Supper done we have some firewood to burn and a few paper plates, to get things started. A fired up and going great we had a huge down pour with some lightening and thunder for a few minutes. Not enough to put our our fire thou. After about 15 minutes we dried off the chairs and began making the campfire goodies, smores and Grill-a-dogs for more tasty treats for the kids. A few sparklers to light up the night and playing in the dark sure was a great way to wind down the night. 
Grill -A-Dog
         But it all had to come to an end, the rain got all the tent stuff wet so, they packed up all their stuff and headed home assured that the kids will have a good night's sleep along the way. Time for us to crash too.
        Thanks for the read stop by anytime.
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  1. It's been hot here too. It was 102 yesterday and that broke a record for the day. Ugh!

  2. A great day was had by all!

  3. Cute family shots, I like the one of the kids sitting in a row with their dinner. Too bad the styff in the tent got wet, kind of an abrupt way to end the party.

  4. What a great day, always nice to be with family!

  5. What a great fun and hot day, thank goodness for the pool, you've really had alot of very hot day,s!! Kid,s & get together,s tire,s us older folk out especially in the heat!!

  6. Sure was a great time thou certainly worth it!

  7. Looks like lot's of fun going on over your way. Hard to believe how much food you can fit on the Weber. Chicken looks perfect even when doing two at a time. Have a Great Sunday.

  8. Thankfully, the kids have that pool to cool of in - what fun.

    Dinner looked terrific as usual.

    1. The pool was the lifesaver this weekend for sure.


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