Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Went to Paris and bought a new Camera.

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Another wonderful day in Southern Ontario so first thing this morning headed out for a drive, down thru tobacco country. South thru Harley, Burford, Scotland, Ayr, and then Paris. All within a couple hours. Amazing the places that you can travel to in southern Ontario. And on the way home thru Washington Ontario as well.
tobacco farms
Downtown Paris
         Got some shopping done and back home in time for lunch. Then Suzie set to work on Le's two dogs. Molly the mom an easy brush, but then there is Buddy (two years old) with a lot more hair, Suzie and Lea set to work cleaning him up.
Lea, Molly and Suzie
        While sitting here we hear a helicopter overhead and sure enough right behind us he is crop dusting with this chopper. Apparently much quicker and more efficient than an airplane.

        Now to my new camera. I like an compact easy point and fits in my pocket and takes beating. Last one we bought in Mazatlan Mexico three and 1/2 years ago. Having mechanical issues with it so time for a new one. New technology now this old one has taken close to 30,000 pictures it has done its job. Below is a few pics I took of it.

yep it is tired
        Now below is my choice for a new one by Panasonic a Lumix DMC-TS20. Small compact under $200.00 and almost indestructible. Shock proof from a 5 foot drop, waterproof to 15 feet and dustproof as well. 4x optical zoom, 16 megapixals, it does movies, action shots and lotsa bells and whistles.  A good rechargeable battery and takes an sd  memory card. Exactly what I need.

        The settings that I have it at are for 5 mega pixals, good enough for the majority of the hundreds of pictures I take every day. Its always in my pocket and ready to go.
        After an grocery tun we sat on Lea's deck and Suzie got more of her dog fix working mostly on Buddy with his long fine hair.
        After a nice happy hour with our hosts we fired up our Weber for som baked potatoes, grilled pork chops and peas for a very tasty supper. Lea headed out to play ball in a tournament in Woodstock and John  took Jamie to play ball in Kitchener.

        We just relaxed a bit, read and compute then call it a night, let the tv watch us.
       The next few days we will be busy with our kids and grandchildren camping out here, so need to rest up a bit.
        Thanks once again for the read.
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  1. yep i just bought a new camera but it will be going back to Best Buy as it really doesn't do a very good job and the battery doesn't last very long... sigh...

    1. So far this camera is awesome, excellent pics and long battery life as well.

  2. Nice camera, Panasonic's are top of the line now. Too bad you had to go all the way to Paris to get it though!!

    1. It was a nice day for a country drive to anyway and Paris is a nice town.

  3. Nice looking little town. I never new that they grew tobacco in Ontario. Looks like a nice camera you chose. The dogs look very happy to have Suzie around. Have a Great Friday.

    1. Southern Ontario farmer were mostly tobacco, in this area years ago, but most farms have been converted to Ginseng as Tobacco sales have dropped off. Easy to use rugged camera.

  4. So glad you enjoyed your international vacation and came home with a great camera! The helicopter may be more efficient but certainly much more expensive.


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