Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Get our slide checked in Bayfield Ontario

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Up again early this morning, pack up our coach, hooked up our toad and head off thru the country side to Bayfield Ontario shortly after 8 am. Stopped by the Stratford sewage plant to dump our sewage (it's free here) then north for a while to Seaforth Ontario.
downtown Seaforth
Downtown Seaforth
        Left turn and head towards Bayfield to Stormrunner Rv a very nice ma and pa operation recommended by Al of the Bayfield Bunch.  We were not disappointed at all with the service Diane and Harry are great honest people as well as RV'ers. Very friendly people and accomadating for us. 
Stormrunner RV
        Of course it was a travel day and rained all the way there. A real yukky day for sure, rain drizzle, overcast. We had checked with Al (The Bayfieled Bunch) to see if we could drop by if we had time today, not sure how long we would be in the area. Now when close to the American border we shut down our internet in the summer as we have only a Canadian plan (saves us big bucks in the summer) so could not contact anyone while there.
Stormrunner RV
        They got to work pretty quick on our slide and soon found the problem. A cracked casing for the gearbox motor on our slide. Sheared bolts and twisted brackets. They made some minor temporary repairs and recommended we go to a Holiday Rambler dealer, purchase the proper part and have them install it. Yes they could do it but probably more expensive than us going to a Holiday Rambler dealer that has experinece with these slides and access to the parts (hopefully!) At least they were honest about it.
        So still raining and we did not disconnect our car to visit Al, ( we were so close too!) we decided just to head back to Plattsville (in the rain) for a few more days. Gonna drop by and see Ma tomorrow, she is back home again gotta make some adjustments to her computer.
at the shop
        Back in Plattsville late afternoon, still a light rain.  Got set up again, its so nice and peaceful here! Visited with our hosts for a short while then whipped up a tasty supper.
so quiet here
        Supper tonight is an open faced hot pork sandwich, with gravy, some homefried potatoes with onions and peas, perfect for a nice rainy day meal.
        Done eating now, we can relax after a long drive to nowhere but did get some issues resolved. At least we now know the problem, Thanks to Al and the friendly people at Stormrunner rv in Bayfield.
         Glad that you could drop by today.
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  1. Hopefully our slide will be an easy fix when we finally get it in too.

  2. We have used the Ottawa sewage treatment plant as well to empty our tanks and it was free as well. Many people don't realize that you can do this. You sometimes have to contact them before hand and also sometime the access is only available during the week.

    Nice that you were able to get the slide checked out and that they were able to get you by with some minor ajustments until you get the proper part.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. We have found a few sewage treatment plants that are free as well, they do come in handy.
      Yes they were very helpful and would recommend them to anyone for great RV service.

  3. Too bad we were unable to connect up today but hang onto those directions I sent you. Might have a Senior Moment one day & have to email you as to how to find our place:))

    1. I was thinking it would take a while to check us out and we might have some spare time. But it was looked at right away and in the rain, and we did not even have to disconnect the car. I have the directions saved thanks, will try again.

  4. I used to use the sewage treatment plant on Beach road in Hamilton (maybe it's technically Burlington?) and the only restriction was that you had to get in there before 4:00 p.m. since they closed up the gate at 4:30.
    Other than that, there were no issues except maybe once in a while there might be the odd big truck waiting to unload a big load of cr*p.
    Dumping your tanks for free is always a good deal.

    1. Yes free is always good as long as its close enough to where we are.


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