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Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ma and Pa Fest

Where are we today ?
        Every year in Plattsville on the saturday after the August Civic Holiday we have Ma and Pa Fest. Now this began many, many years ago at the farm of Elmer and Kay (Pa and Ma). Elmer managed the arena in Plattsville for well over 30 years and every child and adult who played hockey or skated knew them. 
        Today this party is a gathering of their friends, children and friends and grandchildren with their friends. And begins on thursday and keeps on going until late sunday. Some people bring tents or trailers and stay for a few days, socializing and just having a great time. This main event is the pot luck supper for 5 o'clock on saturday. They supply BBQ'd beef, BBQ'd pork, BBQ'd turkey roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. Salads and desert are pot luck. Always lotsa food to feed a couple hundred that drop by.
        This morning I made a large macaroni salad to take, a favourite that I used to serve in the restaurant.
my macaroni salad

this be Pa
this be Ma
Rules are posted here
husking corn
two huge coolers of corn ready to cook
lotsa firewood
        We arrived about 3:30pm and shortly after it began to rain, but a few shelters were here and we all managed to stay pretty dry, even a few had rain coats umbrellas too.

corn is cooking on the fire
Ma on the tree phone
Dan slicing the beef
        Shortly after 5 o'clock the rain stopped and the sun was shining, perfect timing now we can eat.
The minister here to say grace please?  Even on your day off.
lotsa food


even ice cream
        Two celebrations happening today, one is Pa's 80th birthday and friends of theirs Bob and Doris' 50th wedding anniversary

Ma catching a runaway chicken
wagon rides for the kids
        The weather held out pretty good and just before 9 o'clock when we were thinking of heading home it began to sprinkle again, but they had lots fire wood to keep the fires burning for the ones who will hang out until the early hours of sunday morning than a crew there to make breakfast for all wo are still hanging out.
       So that was it for another great get together with even more friends from the small village of Plattsville. Nice to come to these events and touch base with more people we have not seen for quite a while. Even chatted with a woman in town who taught our 8year old grandson in public school this past year, and she even said he was a pretty good kid, at least in her class.
       Now think we will call it a night, glad you could drop by and enjoy more local flare of our hometown.
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  1. Sounds like a wonderful family reunion! I love the name Ma and Pa Fest. Certainly sounds like fun to me and I'm sure you'll both be enjoying yourselves immensely.

  2. Looks like a fun day. Your macaroni salad looks great. .

  3. Your life is one happy event after the other. Keep on enjoying.

  4. What a great reason for a party. Nice to have all your friends and family together. Sounds like everyone had a good time and you were able to dodge the rain.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Looked like a great party, the variety of food along with your Macaroni Salad looked delicious.

    1. The party was awesome, thanks for stopping by!


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