Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, August 24, 2012

A hot summer day and more great book deals..

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario
        Another great summer day and we gonna enjoy it. Walkabouts, coffee, computing chatting with people all is good. I talked about all the firewood in yesterday's posting that John had brought, but this morning revealed that it was almost done. Hmm, so grabbed John and his truck then picked up a nice full wheelbarrow load down the road for only $8.00. Good deal.
        Yep it's getting busier here, lotsa rv'ers coming in, kids in tow and getting ready for one of the last weekends before school starts. No problem thou we have a huge site in the shade surrounded by two different groups of friends. Interesting how we all came upon the same area of the same campground. There is 5 couples retired and two slightly younger couples that are still in the workforce, no matter we all have fun.
          Now today we took the short drive to "Sylvan's Foremost Bookstore" an interesting store and an even more interesting owner "Bob". The store is cluttered but he knows where everything is and having been there a few times have gotten to know him. 

        The reason for the 90% off was originally a plan to go out of the book business because he had lost interest in trying to organize his store. Plus he has two trailer loads of books another 60 thousand in storage.
        Today we dropped in to pick up a few more books, his inventory is constantly changing as he brings in more books. And he announced to us that he has decided not to close the store, he says he is having way to much fun with it now to close. He is carrying on with the sale and next month all books will be .50 cents each. But then October he will begin to slowly raise his prices again. He would like to get his overall inventory to a manageable 35 thousand books.
        A lot of people we know have these fancy electronic books, and readers. We could do that too, I guess but we both enjoy reading and the feel of a good old fashioned book, especially outside relaxing in our lawn chairs in the shade. And when we can find deals like this why not? Another plus that we enjoy is the personal contact with various books sellers everywhere we go and hunting for new sources.
todays deal 13 books, $6.50
        Now back home we can enjoy the results of our hunting expedition with our books in the shade, of this very hot day. Soon its time to fire up our Weber once again to grill a couple pork chops, some noodles and vegetables and farm fresh sliced tomatoes, so tasty.
        A bit more reading and walkabout then time for the campfire get together. Bill and Barb's last night here and we need to resolve all the problems of the world before they leave. All this chin wagging eventually worked up an appetite so I grabbed a few chicken fingers from our freezer and warmed them up over the fire for a nice light snack.

       As the conversation slowed down and heads began to nod we eventually headed off to bed after another awesome day in the life of fulltime rving.
        Thanks for the read.

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  1. You can certainly spend hours in a bookstore like that. We love going to Powell's Bookstore in Portland because of the thousands and thousands of books on their shelves.

  2. I am a real book person myself. Just love the feel of a book in my hands.

  3. Wow, how do you find a specific author or book title at that store? Looks like a person could spend hours there and the price is certainly right.

    1. All we need to do is ask Bob he knows his books and authors. You can actually go in and out pretty quick. Authors that publish a lot of books he has boxes full in the back room to.


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