Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Perfect day for a fun 50th Anniversary Party

Where are we today ?
Goderich Ontario

        Had a good night's sleep last night, up with the sunrise, just enjoying the peace a quiet here. after coffees, computing and a walkabout I headed down to Stormrunner rv in Bayfield and pick up a new shower head that Dianne had ordered in. The Oxygenics pressure increasing shower head that saves water. Dropped in at 9 am and she knew my name right off and had this sitting on the counter, got love ma and pa operations. We only talked to her a couple weeks ago when we had our slide checked out. They treated us fairly then and now I feel like family, even got a "blogger discount" because of my postng back then. Picked up a shut off valve for it and hooked it up and gave it a try. Now sure a lot more pressure than we had before especially when we are dry camping. A worthwhile improvement to our coach.
        Now got that little project out of the way we just putter around the yard here and help get a few things ready. Bill and Carol were heading down to the waterfront, beach and boardwalk in to town for some family photos while I sat out front of their place (reading a book in the shade) playing parking attendant, just so we could get the most out of the available space. And .. I got to tell people where to go to !!
their trailer
         Back from the beach a few family photos out back all in pink in support of Carol's breast cancer treatments (she just had her first kimo yesterday) and the diagnosis in very promising.
nice family photo
        Now a fun afternoon of socializing and hanging out with many RV friends and meeting new people . A perfect sunny day, not too warm.      

Jackie, Suzie and Harry
        They had brought in 4 large beef roasts to be BBQ'd and friend Brian was in charge of that. I kinda got volunteered to help carve them up, it was a fun job.

Brian and me
ok now time to eat 
over 100 people there to celebrate today
very tasty meal
and of course the huge cake
the happy couple after 50 years
         After supper Dick got his guitar out (he and his wife are fulltime rv'ers from Alabama, 16 years on the road). He tells some very interesting stories almost one for every song that he sings. Some ballads and some gospel tunes, lots of fun and inspiring songs to listen to.
         It did not take long for Bill and Carol's Grandson to get his fiddle out and accompany Dick thru a few fun tunes. But as the night wore on it got very chilly, not sure how cold but his fingers were having a hard time playing and we all agreed time to call it a night.
great fun
          Carol had made mention last night about the parties they used to have that went almost all night, now it seems that most everybody is gone when it gets dark, think maybe it has something to do with everybody getting older???   
         Anyhow it was an awesome day and glad you could drop by for a visit, we had lotsa food.
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  1. Sounds like another fun summer day. You sure seem to have a lot of those.

    1. Yes we do have a lot of them, soon time to head south for a rest.

  2. George

    You seem to be happy with the shower. I am after one for our fiver, Can you tell me the model No.


    1. Sorry no model number but available at Camping world and most Rv stores. You can check the link for it above.

  3. Now I know the answer to the question "Where's the Beef" - you guys have it all. Sure looked like a good BBQ and a fun party.

    We got that same Oxygenics Shower Head last year and really like it.

    1. Yep we had the beef and lotsa fun, really like the shower head too.

  4. Thanks for your review of that shower head, I have picked it up and put it back my last two visits to Camping World, next time I will buy it and give it a try!

    1. I am sure you will enjoy it, I bought and extra in line valve to shut it off when we are dry camping , works great.

  5. is near Goderich. Give 'em a holler.

    1. We did but kelly was working and Al was out touring.

  6. Wow. Those two numbers are pretty impressive. 100 people and 50 years. It's always that much better when the weather is just about perfect too.
    Fun stuff.


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