Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finally a nice quiet day!

Where are we today ?
        Just hanging with rain showers off and on, an awesome sunday for sure. Gave me time to download some drivers for our wireless printer and reconfigure the system so we can both access our all-in- one, printer, copier, scanner. This has been an issue since I upgraded my Mac to OX 10.76.4 Lion. So with my Mac and Suzie's PC we finally got everything up and running, that's why we like rainy days, time to get stuff done.
          Another reason I like rainy days is we can collect some nice soft rain water and wash our coach, this works just awesome (no water spots!).
        After all was done took a short drive to New Hamburg for a few things and on the road we noticed it was very dry, then a very wet section of pavement. 
dry road then wet
  few hundred yards went from wet to dry
         Now got that done back home to fire up our Weber Q-100 and grill our last imported Cornish for the season. Add a couple pieces of garlic bread with cheese.
         Then just chop it in half, add some of our macaroni salad (from pot luck at Pa fest)and there ya go a very nice a tasty chicken dinner.
       Thats it for a wonderful relaxing day, now to read in the shade for while before turning in for the night.
        Thanks for the read. Oh yeah it's tough life life being a fulltime rv'er. Try it you just might like it !
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  1. A little rain is good. It freshens everything up. I just don't want a lot of it.


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