Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good news, bad news, and lotsa pickles...

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Glad that I got most of the lawn mowed yesterday as this morning it was rainy and overcast. Time to get caught up with a few things. Suzie heading to her Parents today in New Hamburg with niece Stacey to help the ladies make some homemade pickles.
        First to tell you about the good news. 
        Our mobile wireless internet system (I-Coach System ) we have had since 2009 has been serving us very well in our travels most places we have been in Canada and the U.S.A. with a few dead zones here and there as can be expected. But last week we were having issues with it and after fiddling with it for a while I realized that our power cord was not supplying power to the router. Hmmm, but it also has a DC adapter for the 12 volt outlet in our coach. Now that worked just fine. So we got on the phone last Monday and called  I-Coach   in Lindsay Ontario (3 hours away) requesting a new power source. Well we were surprised when it arrived by courier less than 24 hours later and no charge! How's that for customer service? Now its working just the way it should be.
our I-coach system
        More good news...
        Last week we went to Stormrunner RV in Bayfield to have our slide looked at. You can read about it here  if you care to.  Well the diagnosis was the gear box housing was cracked and they suggested that I contact a Holiday Rambler dealer to order in a new motor and gearbox.  Now I contacted Jeff Intini the parts manager at Sicards Rv in Smithville Ontario. And after establishing the make, model and serial number of this part Jeff did his research and was able to locate a new replacement part for us. Now considering our coach in 13 years old I think that was pretty good that part is still available. I myself had searched the internet for many hours with no luck on the exact replacement part, new or used.
        Now to mention the not so good news.
        Yep they can get the part in about two weeks but at a whopping cost of just under $1 K. Well we need the part very soon as the  motor will quit shortly. So there ya go just like a house you need to repair things. When the part arrives in we will make arrangements to have it installed and our slide out adjusted.
it still works but just barely
        After Suzie headed off to pickle, I went to Waterloo for a few errands and stopped by Ma's to fix up her computer, have a coffee and trim a few dead branches on a tree in her back yard. Now back to New Hamburg to see how the ladies are doing with the pickling. They were not quite done yet so back home for a few needed chores. Now  all done that stuff and a call from Suzie to come and pick her up. Now these ladies cleaned and canned two bushels of small dill pickles, 87 jars in total! 77 quart jars and 10 pint jars, enough for the the children and grandchildren. We got 4 pint jars more than enough for us.
trimming the pickles
packing in the jars
in the steamers
cooling down 
more jars everywhere !
        Now back home, lets quick thaw out a prime rib steak, throw a couple baked potatoes, fresh mushrooms and onions on our Weber grill for a very tasty, inexpensive supper. Thats for us meat lovers that do enjoy a bit of beef occasionally.

yep tasty for sure
        Even got some no fat sour cream for my potato, not great but certainly better than no sour cream.
        That was it for another, actually almost relaxing day for me, at least I did get some things done just for me.
        Thanks for stopping by, glad to have you aboard!
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  1. That's a whole lotta you need some sandwiches to put them on!! Your dinner looked wonderful and I love to have a good beef steak once in a while.

  2. Glad you were able to find the part!

  3. I tried to read info on your slide but after I clicked your link I got an error message that I wasn't authorized to access that page. At least you're getting it taken care of. Monaco guessed it might be just off the rollers. I hope that's the case.

    1. Thanks, I fixed the link. We are lucky that it still works while we are waiting fot the parts.

  4. LOVE homemade pickels ! no comparrison to store bought.
    Do you have a special place you buy your beef ?


    1. Yes homemade pickles are great! No special place but I look for well marbled about one inch thick prime rib steaks when on sale. Usually about a pound or less enough for the two of us

  5. You are definitely in a pickle there with all those jars!

    Glad you got a part for your slide but too bad it cost so much. But, like you say, what can you do - you've gotta have a slide that works!

    1. Yep we are pickled, thats for sure.
      We can easily use our coach without opening the slide, but as you know it's much more spacious with it open.

  6. I have been lurking on your blog lately.
    We are in Minnesota for a while.
    Hope to see you at Ehrenburg again so we can sing Christmas carols.
    Chuck and Judy

    1. Thanks for lurking!!!
      That would be awesome! hope we can hook up again!
      George and Suzie


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