Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, August 20, 2012

A busy fun day again..

Where are we today ?
        Bright sunny morning, coffees, walkabout and hanging out with our Barb and Bill. Their daughter Kimberly is here for a few days too and is a hairstylist, She just happened to bring her tools with her and went to work on Suzie's hair to trim and layer it. A donation to pay for her time in Canadian funds, went towards Kim's shopping allowance for the next day or two. 
Kim trimming Suzi'e hair
        I didn't mention earlier, but when we arrived in Goderich last friday, Bill directed us to park behind his house by the horses and corn field. While driving the narrow path all of a sudden this big stick jumped out of the bushes and scraped down the side of our coach ouch ! 
        So while Suzie was getting her hair cut, I got my buffer, polishing compound and wax out, then went to work on those nasty looking scrapes. Now magically they have all but completely disappeared, feel much better now.
scratches gone.
        The owners of the campground have become (senior) motorcycle owners and are really getting into the swing of things always looking for more ways to increase membership sales.

        Now this afternoon we were overwhelmed with rver's arriving that we knew. And before long were chatting with lotsa people, some we have not seen for quite a while. And a bunch were congregating around Harry and Jackie's trailer behind us. Then more friends pulled in across from us. Before we know it we were invited to dinner with the group behind us. So bring our chairs and beverage along, we have a great time catching up and of course, packing away some more food.
Harry grilling some tasty sausage
        And to our delight Dick brought out his guitar and song book, convinced Wray to try out his six string banjo for a little back ground entertainment, while waiting for the rest of the people to arrive.
        For a nice gathering of 15 or more people we had a very tasty meal of, sausage, sauerkraut, salads, and desert.
not too many calories if you don't take to much
it just looks like a lot, but so good
        What better way to enjoy a nice summer day than a bunch of friends sharing stories and enjoying good food.

Pecan tarts and "Sex in a Pan"
        Now sit back relax, chat, a few more people drop by and more entertainment. 
        Now Dick below (in the centre) loves to entertain telling stories, signing ballads, gospel, bluegrass, some very funny entertaining songs and any kind of music that has a story in it. Before we know it Wray joins in with the banjo, Harry got his guitar and Sylvia un packed her Dulcimer. An excellent fun time until it got too cold to play and sit here.
good times
        We thanked our hosts for a great time and headed back home. Now right across from us another group of friends has a nice campfire going, so we stopped here to warm up and what else, flap our gums even more.

perfect ending to a perfect day
        Now how can you not enjoy this kind of summer, perfect weather, tasty food, good friends, campfires, and lotsa stories. Does it get any better ? 
        Well thanks again for dropping by for a visit and a bite to eat, drop in anytime.
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  1. Looks like a perfect summer day .. lots of people, good weather and definitely, lots of food. Enjoy!

  2. What a great looking party - food looked delicious.

    Nice job on getting rid of those nasty scratch marks on your rig. Looks like new!

    1. Gotta keep working on the rig to keep her looking good, now 13 years old.

  3. George you did a fine job on that've got watch those jumping branches!

  4. Great job on taking the scratches out! It is amazing what a person can do with the tight tools.

    Now,that was a party...

  5. Thank goodness the scratches came out. I love musical evenings around a fire.


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