Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Yup its hot! But I can handle it and really enjoy this heat. Because I am used to it.

Where are we today ?
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        Another warm night with just a bit of AC running to take the humidity out of the air, mostly for Suzie's sake. At 6 am was 73F but feels like 91F according to the weather station. Yup it is sticky. Then this afternoon much warmer.
        Why do I like this heat ? Well for 10 years I spend 70 to 100 hours a week in the kitchen of my restaurant  most of that time, over the grill, deep fryer and pizza oven , summer and winter it was 100 plus F so you get used to it and know how to deal with the heat.
warm out ? yup !
      Coffees and computing done and outside to have a coffee with our good friend Rob at 7:15 when he stopped by.
      Then we gathered up a few items to sell in the campground wide yard sale on this Canada Day long weekend. As expected the campground is very busy but never completely full being a members only campground, We are always guaranteed a campsite here.
Melinda driving by checking out our sale
    Our yard sale was slow but we did sell a few things, then enjoyed a light lunch. And at noon I headed over to Arkona Fairways around the corner to check out a few antique tractors and small car show. With this heat not a great turn out but was till nice to see.
          By 2 pm it was 93F but feels like 115F, (46C) Now this is summer weather! We have a nice cool shady spot with a light breeze , perfect for enjoying our page turners outside.
        I have a very interesting book send to me by Croft Randle a fellow blogger we have met a few timesof Crofts Wanderings from Vancouver Island. Written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson . Love Patterson and this one is quite interesting as I get into it.
          Then shortly after 2 pm Suzie wanted to go to the pool and cool down. A rare occasion when this happens, now we know it is HOT!   To the pool we went indoor one was pretty warm but the outside one much busier was very refreshing. Not heated. So that's what we did had great soak, cooled down and chatted with Randy and Gail in the pool for a while.
indoor pool
Suzie with Randy and Gail
           After the swim we stopped by the store to grab an ice cream, just because we could and a perfect day for it.
yummy ? yup!
we have a wonderful cool shady spot with a light breeze, perfect
         Then just after 3 pm Rob and Pat joined us for Happy hour along with Randy and Gail, a nice shady cool spot behind our coach. And as usual shared more stories , had a few laughs and just had a fun time.
      Soon time to preheat our Weber Q and grilled a couple of boneless skinless chicken thighs to go with our salad for a light tasty supper in the heat. Perfect !
don't need much food tonight 
this did the trick
for my chicken I always enjoy my EXTRA hot sauces,
really kicks it up a few notches
            Now at 7 pm the wagon ride around the Park with a couple of full wagons expected and our friend Bill Wilson volunteered to drive it tonight.
the first load of wagon riders
always fun ,we have done this many times
      After supper we enjoyed some outside reading for a while then at 8:00 pm headed down to the clubhouse and their outdoor deck. A live Band playing tonight  "Flashback" wonderful live Old time Rock and Roll mostly from the 60's. and these guys were excellent. Nice to be outside with our lawn chairs enjoying this amazing weather as it cooled down a bit to the mid 80's F . The nice thing here this is free entertainment for members of this park. Just walk down the road , bring a chair and beverage and have fun.
The band started right at 8 pm
love this outdoor stage
these guys are good1
a few of  us here enjoying the music
      A few people did get some dancing done even us, but the only picture that turned out was this one below.
Joe and Nellie enjoying the music
     That was our fun day, later than usual for us but it was a perfect wonderful day. Home by 10:45 pm finish this posting and call it a night.
      Thanks for enjoying this day with us and hope y'all had a wonderful day and some weather that you like and can handle. .
      And  a Happy Canada Tomorrow for all our Canadian friends
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ?
 click this link
Where have we been this summer?


  1. Looks like a fun day!
    Suzie in the pool?? She must have been hot! 😁🤓

    1. It was a perfect day, no complaints here and a rare occasion for Suzie in the pool, With the humidity saying feels like 115F she was ready.

  2. 94F here yesterday - These temps were rare 30 years ago and usually in early Aug. Now it's 90+ most of the summer.

    1. Same here, but I enjoy it unlike most people. Sure beats the cold wet weather in my books.

  3. Another fun day! Love the old cars. I imagine it's more humid there than here, where the temps got up to 100 yesterday. The pool look VERY refreshing, not to mention the ice cream.

    1. It was a fun day and very humid, but I can deal with that, A dip in the pool and ice cream does the trick.

  4. You enjoy the heat more than I do! With a heat index of 115F I'd be looking for a movie theater, not a book :)

    1. Yes I do enjoy the heat, much more than most people and seem to handle it just fine, Cooling down is easy for me and always has been.

  5. Love the car and tractor show! Good to go early though with those temps! The pool certainly looked refreshing and of course ice cream! Love the pic of Joe and Nellie enjoying the band! Cute

    1. The show was nice and nice to get there before it got too hot.
      The pool is refreshing and enjoy it especially when Suzie comes with me. Ice cream nice treat as well.
      Joe and Nellie are a nice couple and like us enjoyed the band.

  6. Great weather, good friends, excellent food, music and dancing, what's not to like?? Just livin' life George and Suzie style...

    1. That's right Peter the lifestyle we enjoy and love every minute of it.

  7. Always enjoy your blog! I like the heat better than the cold too, and it is very cold here this winter so our heating is on from morning to bedtime, our electricity bill will be very high but we can't bear the cold. I was wondering about the parks you stay in, as they look to be very well maintained and lots of extras too. Do you pay an annual fee? Our caravan parks here are privately owned and they cost between $25-$55 per night. Some parks have membership fees and you then get a small discount but generally not worth it, and the only extra you get is sometimes a swimming pool or a jumping pillow for kids. Occasionally they might have a singer or band play but this only happens in the far north or more remote areas, not generally in the country towns.

    1. Thanks Rosemary . We don't like to cold either. These are membership parks where we purchased a membership over 12 years ago. Our annual fee is around $700, a year but we camp camp here with no overnight fees year round depending in the time of year 2-3 weeks here and one week out with no overnight fees. We have saved many thousand of dollars over the years and works well for us. This park is one of our nicest thats why we really love it.


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