Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Cabin Camping (Glamping) wonderful weather, happy hour. doggie fix and a fun time at darts.

Where are we today ? 
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        Another good sleep last night. Got the coffee and computing done and headed out for my first walkabout the campground. Looks like it is going to be an amazing warmer day, partial sunshine temps into the mid 70's F  (24C) another day for shorts and t-shirts.
loving this cabin, a great vacation
 from our full-time lifestyle
love the quirks of our membership here
     I took a nice country drive over to Kettle Point to fuel up the car. Good price for gas $1.17 a litre  ($3.40 a US gallon). compared to most places over $1.30 /litre.
gas and diesel a good price here
a few nice horses here grazing in the field
        Back home for a tasty light lunch another walkabout and an hour in the fitness centre here. Now 1 pm , we enjoyed reading on our porch here with a cup of tea listening to the birds cooing and chirping. This is the life.
the outdoor pool is full now and will soon be ready to go
indoor pool year round
reading on our porch is quite relaxing
         Then at 3 pm over to Gerry and Melinda's for Happy Hour, with their daughter and granddaughter , and today he had a campfire!  Could have used it yesterday, but too many people. I think and more windy.
Suzie got another doggie fix with Tucker
Gerry making a fire
he did a good job, with the fire
thanks Gerry!
Tucker has a new Trampoline/bed he loves
      Back home for supper. I preheated our Weber Q whipped up our salad and grilled a couple of salmon fillets.
love these salmon fillets
not long they are done
tasty salmon and salad did the trick tonight
       Supper done that we enjoyed, now to relax on this wonderful porch on a very mild evening. Until 6:30 pm when we headed down to the clubhouse for darts. Always a fun time here, lotsa laughs and maybe even win a couple of bucks if we get lucky! Did get over 3 miles walked today, not too bad.
everyone ready to play a good turnout
       We dove right in and played, my team won 5 of the 6 games. and Suzie's team not so well. But I had to play in the payoffs and the bottom line was we won 2nd place, 2 bucks for each of us on the team. Three hours of fun and socializing that we enjoy while we are here.
      After a busy fun day time to relax and call it a night.
      Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a wonderful warm day as well.
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  1. Another lazy day in Paradise and the weather couldn't be better!
    Congrats on the big $2 win! :)

    1. Yes Patsy it was a wonderful day with perfect weather. and winning 2 bucks a bonus too.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the fire... just for you !

  3. Looks like you are adjusting to the new routine VERY well. Salmon .... YUM!

    1. Yes Nancy we are, very flexible in our lifestyle that we enjoy.

  4. $2 win? Bet you're going to have to think long and hard on where to spend your new found fortune! :c)

    1. Not sure what we will do with that fortune, maybe help compensate for the$6.00 it cost us to play ?

  5. Your gas prices aren't much more than what we're paying here in NV right now. Hoping they go down soon. Another great day there and ending it with darts! How fun! Nice fire for happy hour!

    1. Would be nice to see the gas prices go down, maybe in the fall.
      The fire was a bonus and darts is always fun.

  6. Your Glamping spot looks great, you still have your friends and Tucker to share it and of course the Weber to cook with. But I have to think I'd be missing the motorhome by now. Have you been over to check on it?

    1. This is a nice spot to to enjoy our time away, and Tucker fixes as well.
      We are missing the motorhome, they are supposed to be priming it today, gonna check it out tomorrow.

  7. To go home with $2 in your pocket makes for a good night. Nice accommodations but I'd really miss my own place. Hope you get it back before long.

    1. The $2.00 was nice bonus for a fun night. The cabin sure is nice but we do miss our coach. Should have it back in a week if all goes well.


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