Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 25, 2018

No rain, and nice sunny day and puttering around relaxing and almost met a fellow blogger yesterday, so close...

Where are we today ? 
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            Enjoyed a nice comfortable nights sleep, windows open and no rain overnight. And today going  to be a wonderful sunny day. Got a few nice walkabouts done around the ponds and the park. Still so peaceful here. really loving it.
came across a few baby bunnies today and got a pic of this one
before he skittered away
love the morning views by the ponds
          Just after 9 am I made a trip to Kettle Point to fill the car with some cheaper gas at the REZ, ($1.18.9 a litre) picked up a few groceries, and home for lunch. Love the quiet back roads in this area
       After lunch I was up on the roof to hook up the cable for our TV antenna , now that I have the right fittings and crimper to install them. Then I scanned for TV stations and NOT. hmm. Ok now I hooked yup my tester and found that the cable and connections are good. sending a signal now at least, better than before. It is just our location low in the valley and under a lot of tree cover. Will check again when we get to our next location where I know we should get at least a couple of channels. Not a big deal as we have our satellite dish, but the antenna is handy when we are on the road and only stopping for a night.
        Finished anther book and now into number 4 of the Avery Back Series by Blake Pierce. I do enjoy his books always some  good stories and action packed mysteries.
dove right in to this book
antenna connections all done and looks good,
nice to have the right connectors and  tool
and advice from Rob here  in the park
        Next few pics a nice view from the roof of our coach.
         A quiet happy hour today Gerry and Melinda are both working hard 😓 so no company and no doggie fixes, but that is ok we love the quiet times as well with each other. So we really did get into our e-readers, until time to fire up our Weber Q to grill a couple of chicken legs and thighs (got on sale 88 cents a lb)) to go with tonights salad.
       Even though today was 75F it was quite chilly with an east wind even in the sun, But heck at least we had a very nice sunny day
nothing quite like chicken on our Weber Q
         About 8 Pm Gerry dropped by with his Grandaughter Aliya to say and Suzie got a baby fix.
Baby fix for Suzie today
this was our sunset last night, long after i posted the blog
looks like it will be similar tonight
      And yesterday almost met a fellow Blogger in Grand Bend , we have been following each other for a lot of years. BOB of the Caretaker Chronicles, actually spotted us at Grandpa Jimmy's Scottish Bakery on Sunday he did get a picture of our car ,, Such a small world. But again we did not meet.  Cyber friends we are.
      Just another warm sunny day puttering around and enjoying the good life.
      Thanks again for dropping by for a visit.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Great price on fuel. We are paying 142.9 here in Kelowna.

    1. I have seen it that high a few places around here, try to stay away from them, if I can.

  2. O.K. what is that in U.S. gallons?..I paid $3.04 a gal for regular in Madras Oregon this last week..Back in Wa. up to $3.65....Dang taxes......
    The roads everywhere are disgusting.....Where are the buck$$$ going?
    Is it the same for our friends up north?
    Still beats sitting on the couch swatting skeeters....

    1. Well David $1.18.9 cents a litre is $4.49 per US gallon and Contessa above ar $1.42.9 would be $5:36 a gallon. not great roads here and the fuel even more expensive. But we can't just sit around.

  3. I'm sure it would be fun to meet Bob, he seems to be quite a character, I like his humour. Like your sunset picture.

    1. Thanks Jean,
      Bob does seem to be quote a character , always fun to meet fellow bloggers and blog followers.

  4. Sounds like a very restful and peaceful day. The campground looks very relaxing and green, a good place to just be!

    1. It was a peaceful relaxing day, yes everything is really growing and green now.

  5. It was a beautiful day!
    Glad you enjoyed it too!

    1. It sure was a wonderful day no complaints here.

  6. Don't you just love the view from the top of your rig? I get to look in all my neighbor's yards. LOL

  7. Nice work crimping the coax connector, at least it tests good. Still have to wait for your real-life experience using it. The roof of your RV is a lot cleaner than mine, and you park under the trees too. What's the secret?

    1. Thanks Jeff nice to get that cable hooked up again . We will see if it works next week.
      We have metal roof and is really not that clean but then again after 20 years it does show its age. Like to wash it 3-4 times a year that helps. We they not to ark under trees if we can help it too.


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