Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 10, 2018

60, 60, 40 Party and Stere Family reunion a busy weekend

Where are we today ? 
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           What a fun time we had Saturday night to celebrate Phil and Joyce's 60-60-40 party with family and friends. They are both 60 years old this year and celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at their daughter's wonderful property.
Relaxing , golfing and cruise on their trike
what a super couple they are
     Below is a picture at their wedding 40 years ago, Joyce and Phil far right and Suzie (maid of honour)  in the yellow on the left.
wow time flies 
chatting outside this wonderful shed
all set up for the party
a few rv's parked here, wish we had our to bring
love the washroom here with a barn door
    We played outside with the dog for a bit he had so much energy running and running.
then he hopped in to pool to cool down
they have a beautiful driving shed here, so clean and organized
lotsa chickens outside
even more inside
bouncy castle for the kids
Suzie chatting with Phil's mother
        Around 6 pm the food was set out and what a feast they had!
excellent salads, pork chicken so much food was wonderful
it was all good

the kids got a wagon ride pulled by this
beautiful restored Farmall tractor
     Then later on Phil wanted to crack this limited edition of  Crown Royal Whiskey he has been saving over 35 years for a special occasion and this was it! Excellent whiskey, so smooth....
this was bottled in 1974

Sunday Stere Reunion 

     Now Sunday is the Stere family reunion (Suzie's Gramma's side). We were up nearly this morning got our coffees and computing done I got a nice walk down the country road and back about a mile. Then whipped up my salad to take to the reunion. 
         This year Suzie's family was in charge about once every 10 years or so , and Suzie was elected to organize this at the Easter dinner (that we were not at). So not much chance to say no ? Her Gramma was 12 of 13 children by Joseph Stere, and this reunion has been taking place for many years in Tavistock the first Sunday in June every year, Rotating among the 10 to 12 children that were in this area.
this be the place
       We arrived about 10:30 to set up the hall, tables and chairs, for 140 people (just in case) organize the buffet tables, get coffee and tea going, pop and water in the coolers, the sign in table, games prizes etc. This goes like clockwork with many hands.
tables set up and whipped down
3 desert tables
6 tables for the buffet, pot luck
tables clothes on these
we ready
     People begin to arrive around noon and we will eat at 1 pm.
Suzie's Dad and aunt Delores greet people and sign them in 
name tags for everyone attendance today 78 people
         There is a beautiful hand made quilt made for the Stere Family members, but I could not get a decent photo of it under glass with the lighting here,
wish I could have gotten a better picture
Suzie and her sister discussing stuff
        The buffet table was full with some amazing food, and the lines proceeded.
so many choices and so much food was awesome,
 nobody left hungry I am sure
the lines moved quickly
I got a real good selection of tasty food
and of course all the amazing deserts as well
Suzie and Nephew Greg taking care of the prizes and draws
       We had the hall wrapped up, cleaned and everyone gone thanks to all the help, by 3:30 and we hopped in the car back to Rock Glen resort in Arkona and our Cabin by 4:30.
      When pulled in noticed the Happy hour was still in progress at Paul and Judy's so quickly unpacked the car and headed over to visit while everyone was still there. At they all were, Emile, Monique, Melinda, Patsy, Bill, Chantelle (and Baby) Gerry, Paul Rob. Pat and Judy. Nice to see everyone together again enjoying a few stories and laughs.
we had a short visit then headed home to our comfy
Cabin to relax on the porch
thats it for this hectic weekend
       We hope to be back in our coach by this Thursday. and be all back to normal again almost!
       It was a busy fun weekend to see so much family and friends,
       Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed you weekend as well.

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  1. Oh my - you had a a great weekend of fun, friendship and gluttony! Does it get much better? There's a saying 'that if you don't maintain a bridge, you have to burn it' (or something like that). The weekend also celebrates a 40 year old friendship that has been well maintained.

    1. Yes Jeff it sure was a wonderful weekend, does not get much better, the gluttony will take a bit to get over though, The friend ships and family ties are amazing.

  2. What a wonderful turn out for both occasions, lots of great food. You and Suzie did a great job and of it is always nice when others chip in to help.

    1. Jo it was a great turn out and so much amazing food. Suzie did the organizing I was the go-fer team work did it.

  3. What a wonderful weekend you had! The party looked like so much fun along with awesome food. Then on to Suzies family gathering! How wonderful that 78 people attended and it's something that happens every year. The food there looked amazing too. Now back on the diet huh?! Everyone looked so happy there. Back home and a huge group of friends to visit with. That's a great life George!

    1. It was a fantastic weekend, busy, too much food to sample. Back to regular healthy eating again! The party was fun and the reunion always nice to hook up with people again.
      Nice to get back for Happy hour for a bit as well.
      You are right life sure is great !

  4. A busy couple of days. Time to relax.
    Lots of food inhaled but all for great causes!
    Nice to see you at Happy Hour.

    1. It was a busy weekend but so much fun. And yes all that food inhaled, but somebody had to do it, I did my best! lol....
      Great to see you guys again as well.

  5. That's the biggest plate of food pix you've ever posted. :c)

    1. It was a smaller plate than usual so looked like a lot.
      Still more than normal though but all very tasty.

  6. You did have a busy weekend and some good food - your plate shot looks delicious. Good to have one party to celebrate everything. My DIL's maiden name is Steere (with two e's) and they are from Michigan - wonder if they were related way back when and both names spelled the same.

    1. Yes Larry it was a busy fun weekend, and all the food delicious.
      Could very well be related there is a lots of relatives in the states mostly New York, and their spelling is Steria . such a small world. ya never know

  7. That was one busy weekend, but how fun!! It's good to have all that family to visit with. Cute cake and all the food looked delicious. Anything I don't have to make is wonderful!!!

    1. Yes Nancy it was busy and so much fun. The cake, excellent and all the food was as well, well really enjoyed it.

  8. Love family reunion get togethers!

    1. They are always fun to catchup and reconnect with family and friends.

  9. A wonderful funfilled weekend. You are blessed with many friends and family.

    1. Yes Peter we sure are blessed, sure was a lot of fun.

  10. How very amazing to have a reunion of that size. And the food and fun! The stuff of a good life, long term friendships, extended family, shared good times and good food. Wonderful.

    1. Yes Sue it sure was wonderful, the family, friends and good times.


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