Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Homemade soup, muffins, a parade, doggie fixes and a tasty fish fry for supper..

Where are we today ? 
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    A quite night but no rain and still 63F this morning at 5 am, supposed to be cloudy all day with possible Thunderstorms this afternoon. Got a couple of nice walkabouts after I put some chicken bones from our freezer on to make a pot of chicken soup. And while it was simmering away I made a 1/2 dozen blueberry muffins from mix we have.
this was all done by 9 am
a nice easy mix we like
     I need a cable connector for our tv antenna , the cable broke off. It is a smaller cable than the standard RG 56 cable and connectors I need an RG 59 connector. So checked the hardware store in town , Canadian Tire, and Dollar store in Forest, Nope. Then the Source (Radio Shack)  in Forest. Hm they closed only open Mon to Friday 9 to 4, Guess I will try again on Monday.
      Back home for lunch , the soup is ready, so a nice tasty lunch . Perfect for an overcast day.
Tasty Chicken/ Barley soup (Patsie) yummy
            Then at 12 noon I headed into Arkona to check out the parade. Love small town parades! Doesn't everybody ? I parked on a side street and set my chair up at the curb. reading my e-reader until they started.
beginning of the parade. fire truck with siren chirping
of course a pipe band
lots of hillbillys
Hillbilly Limo
the sand runners zipping around
Rob from Rock Glen Resort in his VW
Wagon ride from Rock Glen with our Mascot Roxy
Spiderman and Batman
pipe organ
then the shriner's Mini Kars, Wheel Standers
awesome fun rides
cool mini Kars
these guys are having a ball!
fun to watch
too much fun
cool pipe organ
more Hillbillys
this band was pretty good as Hillbillys can be
love the toilet seat guitar 
       I was enjoying the parade and people kept pilling candies on my lap.
lots candies handed out 
of course antique tractors in Farm country
these guys flying around in circles
pumper truck signals the end of the parade
    It was a fun fast paced parade that last about 30 minutes, and no rain, overcast about 75F comfortable degrees.
    Now back home to get back into our page turners in the shade and then the sun came out for a while. A nice peaceful afternoon. Enjoying this weather we are.
    Then 3 pm Happy Hour and Gerry came over with Tucker and Choco (he is dog sitting Choco for a week), So more doggie fixes for Suzie.
Tucker gets his treat
Choco gets his treat
       Another friend dropped by to chat for a while Glen, then eventually at 4:30 we headed into Arkona for the Fish Fry at the Senior's Centre. We always enjoy a good fish fry and it is a fundraiser.
      Got our tickets and I choose an extra pice of fish, wow was this a feast. I did not need it all but did manage too work my through it, was so very good. Codfish it was and pretty well cooked to order.
we had to wait a few minutes but worth it !
these people are kept busy
oh yeah, so yummy
a good selection for dessert as well
The hall was full but we sat across from a friend
 Bessie and chatted for a while
they were setting up tables and chairs in the firehall as well
here we are back home, sun shining and
predicted thunderstorms has not happen yet
       Outside in the shade posting this blog 83F just a wonderful evening with no wind and no bugs.
       Back to our e-readers relaxing and listening to the birds chirping on a wonderful warm summer evening after a fun busy day.
      Hope y'all had a nice summer day as well and thanks for dropping by for a visit.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Looks like a great fish fry.

  2. Those small town parades all look similar. The fist fry looks very good.

    1. Yes they do Larry , more personalized than large commercial floats and not as crowded.
      The fish fry excellent.

  3. Now THAT was a GREAT parade!! How fun to see the locals and their creations!! Fun mini cars too! That Jiffy mix? It's the basis of Jonathan's bird biscuits. Really good stuff!!

    1. Yes Nancy the local parades are always pretty interesting and fun creations. Loved the mini cars. Jiffy Mix is pretty good stuff, quick, easy and cheap, right up my alley.

  4. Gotta love small town parades and nice that the predicted rain didn't happen! Soup looked wonderful and so did your dinner! Nice that a lot of people came out for the fundraiser!

    1. Thanks guys, the parade was excellent and no rain a bonus. Sou for lunch and the fresh fry fundraiser was a success,

  5. The parades in the small towns are fun, interesting to see what the town can gather. Dayton has what I call 'The Lawn Mower Parade' to celebrate summer. Lots of floats, choreographed maneuvers, even drag racing. Nice turnout for the fund raising to enjoy the fish fry.

    1. We love the small towns and their innovated parades. And support from the community is usually very good.

  6. Wow, an action packed busy day, so much fun!

    1. Yes Peter is was a fun filled day that e enjoyed.And the weather allowed it as well.

  7. I'm Catching up , George.
    Great parade, nice the rain held off like here on Saturday.

    1. Welcome back Patsy we are still enjoying it here.


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