Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 04, 2018

Wedding fun in New york, back to New Hamburg, step repair and packing up.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
      This posting covers the wedding Saturday night and our very busy Sunday. Some times life just gets in the way of blogging , but that's ok, we are busy and enjoying life.
      Saturday afternoon we secure our coach at lazy Lakes Campground and drove the car and the coach the 20 minutes Banchetti's Grove in East Amherst new York. Arriving shortly after 3 pm for the 5 pm wedding. Wanted get a parking spot for our coach before too many people arrived.
nice spot in the corner
     We got parked here blocked up out steps to make them safe, no time to fix them today,
around 4:30 the Groom and his party arrived
and parked in front for our coach
        Around 4.30 people began to arrive so we got ourselves changed  and head out to chat with some friends and check out the action.
here we are I feel naked no hat and no vest,
sun in my eyes, 
we do clean up sometimes when we feel the need
our good friends Wendy and John
a beautiful place for a wedding
the brides maids
looking well behaved,
little angels
the grooms father, walking his granddaughter, Sadie
too cute
Bill walking his daughter Kim
down the aisle

a very nice turnout and great weather
and a beautiful ceremony 
Kim and Scott now husband and wife
and Sadie says, "what's going on?"
     Below left right is Suzie, Barb(mother of the bride), John and Wendy (good mutual friends) Bill( father of the bride)
           Now on to the reception hall right beside the Gazebo , A wonderful location and perfect weather not to hot and humid and no rain.
a nice hall
love the idea of this wedding cake
Bill chatting with John and Wendy
Love Kimberly's smile
cutting the cakes, her laugh is infectious 
Barb and Bill Happy smiles,
parents of the bride
we right beside the head table wonderful speeches
we have met a lot of these young
 people over the years 
dinner was served family style, soup, salad, pasta, potatoes
veggies chicken and beef
very tasty
the dance floor was quite busy and we did manage to get in a few dances 
     That was a fun late night for us and everyone there, Nice to have our house a 100 yards away, so home to bed and crashed.
     Sunday morning up and mobile enjoyed our coffees then hooked up the car secure our broken step for travel and pull out at 9:15 am. Easy boarder crossing at Lewiston New York and arrived at Dennis and Sandies by noon. Had a quick lunch then set to work repairing our broken step.
step blocked up so we could use it
you can see the broken part
broken part in top, not fixable
newer one on bottom,
I was able to repair this one
      I was having a problem getting it back together and but Nephew Greg just happened to be here so he gave me the extra hands that were needed. Then with his help all together in no time and works like new again. Thanks Greg.
all good and working again, until next time
    While I was working on the steps Suzie was busy getting things together for our 11 days out of our coach while it is at Kropf's Kustom auto body to get our accident damage repaired. Packed out clothes, lawn chairs, food, cooking utensils and Weber Q,. amazing what we can cram into out little car.
     Dropped it off at 5 pm Sunday so they can get right to work on it Monday morning. We are very confident that it will be all done by June 14-15th as we have another wedding to attend.
         Now leaving here we whipped into Tavistock to pick up a feast of Chinese food take out too share with Dennis and Sandy.
Another cracking take care of
and leftovers for another meal or 2
     That was it for our busy weekend. We were whipped, Off the bed shortly after 8 pm and both enjoyed a very good nights sleep. Here at Dennis and Sandies, thanks Guys.
     Monday morning now we heading to Rock Glen Resort to occupy a cabin for the next 11 days.
     A new experience for  us, we excited... come along and join us.
     Thanks for enjoying the wedding with us and hope y'all have a very nice weekend as well.
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
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  1. Love the turquoise wedding dresses and accents. Barb and Bill look lovely!
    Glad the step got fixed and safe travels today. Hope the rain doesn't follow you.

    1. It was an awesome wedding. we hope the rain stays right here in New Hamburg.

  2. Nice suit!! And a beautiful wedding at a gorgeous location. Little Sadie is a cutie patootie!!! Glad you got the step fixed. Hope your rig is back good as new very soon!! Enjoy the cabin!!

    1. Thanks Nancy it was a very nice location. Yes Sadie is a cutie for sure. Was glad I had the part to fix it on hand. Hoping all will be good as new in the time lotted. The cabin will be a real change for us and fun too !

  3. Looks like a fun wedding! Little Sadie in the buggy is just too cute! You and Suzie looked fabulous! Nice that you are so handy and were able to fix the step..looks good as new! A new adventure for you two staying in the cab, much better than a motel. Love Chinese food and that looks wonderful!

    1. The wedding was a ball so very nice. Sadie in the buggy was a great idea too. Glad I got the step fixed so soon.
      Cabin will be much better than a motel for the long period. Chinese was excellent and always a nice treat.

  4. Interesting the way the step broke. Never seen that kind of failure before, makes you wonder why it breaks repeatedly. Good thing you had spare parts and a helper to get it fixed. Hope this time it lasts forever.

    1. It has broken the same way before, not sure why, maybe defect castings. Hope it lasts this time sure would be nice.

  5. A wonderful action packed weekend. Here's hoping the coach will be back to its usual awesomeness in a few days. Enjoy cabin life!

    1. It was a busy weekend and too much fun. The coach should be ready in 10 days fingers crossed.
      The cabin life will be fun for change.

  6. You and Suzi look great all dressed up, maybe give it a try more often? The wedding looks great, glad it could be held outside in cooperative weather.
    What lubricant to you use on the step motor? I just spray it with silicon now and then, but there's got to be something better.

    1. Thanks Jeff not often we need to get dressed up, more comfortable in shorts and t-shirts. The weather was perfect for the wedding.
      I use a penetrating grease about once a mother and heaver silicone spray every week or so. It moves freely no binding, nit sure why that part continues to break? We do live in year round though?

  7. Looks like it was a great wedding, so glad the weather worked out for you. Enjoy your time at the cabin :-)

    1. Thanks guys it sure was a great wedding and the weather perfect.
      The cabin is wonderful we moving it !

  8. You clean up well and that is a great spot for a wedding. Glad the step was a reasonably easy repair.

    1. Hey thanks Larry a beautiful spot for the wedding. I have done the step repair a few times getting used to it.


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