Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 11, 2018

Back to our Cabin Camping for a few more days , loving this weather and the quiet times here.

Where are we today ? 
clic a pic to enlarge it
     Last night we crashed at 9 pm after a fun filled busy weekend. We both had great nights sleep in our cabin and now up at a good time today. 5:15 am, ready for a new wonderful relaxing day.
      Got my first walkabout just after 7 am for a mile or to enjoy this warm sunny day and quiet campground.
love the views by these ponds
          Then about 7:30 I headed into Forest for a few food supplies we needed, before it gets too warm and too busy. Always a nice country drive here.
nice drive to Forest
     Then back home I wandered around for a while chat with some friends getting more exercise and catching up with everyone.
      Home to enjoy a nice light lunch with Suzie, then I headed over to this amazing fitness centre we have here. Working on all that food we consumed this past weekend.
Now that taken care of enjoy our e-readers in the
shade on the porch of our Cabin, life is good!
this is the life
     Then Happy Hour at 3 pm over too Rob and Pats/Patsy and Bills, just because we could. A perfect 80F day some people need shade and they all had a choice here.  Another good turn out, a dozen our more flapping our gums, sharing stories and exchanging information. A few laughs as we always have.
another nice "Happy Hour"
    Just after 4:30 I headed home to begin making our salad for supper, preheat out Weber Q to grill some Basa fillets seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh garlic, butter and fresh lemon . 
right on our Weber Q on foil 
this turned out perfect and so very tasty,
nice and light and filling
         Supper done now back on our porch to enjoy this wonderful warm almost summer weather, Temperature still in the 70's f shorts and t-shirt still comfortable.  Did actually get 4 miles walked today , not too bad. ThenwWrap up today's posting and get back into our page turners, This is the life !
        Thanks again for dropping on by and hope y'all have a wonderful day as well.
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  1. Another nice day, with no time wasted - 5:15 is an early start! How does the Basa compare to our catfish?

    1. It was a great day Jeff, don't want to waste a good day.
      The Basa is very similar to catfish that we love !

  2. That first picture is sure a beauty!! What a nice walk that must have been!!
    There is nothing better than great friends to share life with! Glad you had another wonderful day!

    1. Always some beautiful sight to see in this area on my walkabouts.Sure was a great day and chatting with friends always fun too.

  3. It was a good day here in the park. The weather is beautiful too!

    1. It sure was a wonderful day loving the weather !

  4. Are you getting cabin fever yet? Sounds like a nice relaxing day ...

    1. We outside almost all day long, around the campground so not really an issue.
      Soon be back in our coach again.

  5. Beautiful pond picture! Looks like another great day and glad your enjoying the cabin. Great looking Happy Hour group!

    1. Thanks love the ponds here. A great day and another fun happy hour.


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