Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wedding fun, with good friends, and a Father's Day brunch with Suzie's Dad and siblings.

Where are we today ? 
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       This is now Saturday afternoon, and the party/wedding is about to commence. So we got changed , just because , no fancy clothes today this is a casual wedding, and a hot day, so lets be comfortable. Mind you we did clean up a bit.
Me, Bill, Suzie, Chris
Bill and Chris relaxing a bit before everyone arrived
the tent and tables ready
nice table decorations
        Now at 2 pm everyone here and the service is about to begin.
cute granddaughter  setting the trail
Grandson ring bearer
the Bride and groom are ready
Minister here, saying their vows
signing the paperwork
a beautiful spot for a wedding
Mr and Mrs' Roberts
cleaning up the rose petals
having fun
        The caterer has been here since noon and all set up , their Hors d'oeuvres  began and oh my what wonderful snacks they just keep on bringing out.
huge shrimp
spring rolls then egg rolls
the lamb was excellent
and fresh perch (no picture) was amazing
    And they just kept bringing these tasty snacks around for over 2 hours.  Amazing food.
    Then time for a few more pictures.
Chris and Bill with their Kids
and Grands
what a sweetie, loves the fresh strawberries
right from the garde
this is a wonderful caterer
everything cooked right here
a very nice kitchen  and cooler
in the back of their truck
Chara, Chris, Karen
wonderful people
Chris and some of her siblings, Suzie knew all of them
years ago hanging out at Chris'
now for the meal
tasty caesar salad
a fun group
filet mignon, chicken, potato, corn , asparagus
cheese cake for desert
       After dinner more pictures , socializing and the band set up and started at 7 pm.
These guys were very good
good old rock n roll
and we did get lotsa dancing in
Looks like Suzie has a friend
a cupcake, weddings cake made by Chris' daughter Becky
    Eventually around 10 pm we called it a night, nice our home was right here, Right to bed and asleep with the band still playing. What a wonderful fun day, party, wedding food and  socializing

Sunday Father's Day

         Up again about 5:30 after a good nights sleep and the rooster crowing as he does every morning. A nice sunrise through the trees, chatted with  Bill and Chris on the deck with morning coffee for a bit, Puttered around for a while then got a nice walk down the road and back for my first mile in. Chat a bit more, worked on my pictures from yesterday and began this posting. Got a nice text and pictures  from daughter number 2 wishing me Happy Father's Day and wanted to know if we are around for supper. Thanks for the offer but we away and will be back in the area in a couple of weeks, They will take us out for supper then, works for us and them. Also a text and picture from my son and an email from daughter number one. Nice to hear from them all today !
Daughter number 2 and Granddaughter number 3
my son and Granddaughter number 2
       Another walkabout down by the sand pit and back. Then about 11 am we hopped in the car heading  an hours drive to Quehl's In Tavistock for a Father's Day brunch with Suzie's Dad. Also was Suzie's sister Rose, BIL Ross, Her Brother Dennis and SIL Sandy,
Suzie and her Dad
a nice country drive more scenery we have not seen for a long time
       They have a wonderful brunch here for Father's Day so much food again we indulged.
Nice fresh salad bar to start
       I started with some bacon, scrambled eggs then spotted the pig tails! Oh yeah it has been a long time and I love pigtails. Ok That did it,  talk about too much food again!, Think we need to go hibernate, Rock Glen for a couple of weeks, lots of fish, salads and walking.
Love these pigtails, shrimp and had to try some
fresh baked Rosemary bread
no desert today though they had an excellent selection
of fresh baked items
here we are back to Chris and Bills outside in the shade
beside our coach enjoying our e-readers
92F outside but a nice breeze
Missing my Dad, what a happy fellow he was
Happy Father's Day Dad
     We chatted with Bill and Chris for a while outside in the shade with a nice breeze in a very warm 93F day. Actually turn on our AC for a while to cool our coach down to a comfortable temperature before calling it a night and heading inside.
     There ya go another busy weekend we enjoyed with more family and friends, Thanks for joining us and hope you Dad's had a great Father's Day as well !

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  1. Happy Father's Day George! What an amazing weekend of food, fun, food, friends, food, wedding, food and family. Bet I gained weight just reading the blog! Great venue for the wedding with cooperative weather allowing for shorts and straw hat! Even the groom had sandals, nice touch ....

    1. Thanks Jeff same to you. Yes a weekend of Family, fun and friends was awesome and too much food, but was so tasty, tried to pace my self, but will get back on track again. The weather was perfect for the day ni rain and partly cloudy so it did not get too hot.

  2. You all certainly had a big weekend!!! The wedding was very nice!! I love simple and sweet and everyone had a wonderful time. The food looked great!!

    Happy Father's Day!!!!!

    1. Thank you it was a busy fun weekend, A nice relaxing casual wedding with too much good food all weekend.

  3. Looks like it was a great feast of a weekend. The wedding looks like my kind of day casual very casual love it. I see you also had a great Fathers Day feast.

    1. All this feasting is fun, but now we will fast for a year I think, lol...
      The wedding was perfect for the location and weather.

  4. Congratulations Chris and Bill, a very small simple wedding in a lovely setting. The food looked wonderful!
    Glad you had a good Father's Day too, George.

    1. Thanks Patsy it was a perfect wedding, and the setting excellent. Good food and fun times all weekend as well.

  5. What a fun wedding and the food looked wonderful!! Happy Father's Day!!!! Suzie must have a very comfortable lap. It's always covered up by kids and puppies!!! Lucky girl!

    1. Thanks Nancy the wedding was fun, food excellent entertainment wonderful and a great Father's day as well.
      Suzie does get here kid and puppy fixes no problem.

  6. Looks like a fun wedding with good food, good entertainment and definitely my kind of dress code. Good to be able to see family on FD.

    1. yes Larry it sure was fun , good food entertainment and dress code.
      Always nice to see the family when we can.

  7. What a great couple of days! The wedding looked incredible..nice no formal dress code! The food looked amazing and then that dinner! WOW..On to Father's Day more delicious food, think I gained weight just looking at the meal! hah. Great place where your home is parked, just beautiful!

    1. Tye whole weekend was amazing all the way around. Yup a few points, gotta get to work on that, but heck all the food was too good to turn down.

  8. An action packed weekend with plenty to eat, life is good.

    1. It sure was lots fun and you much eat, but life is good for sure.

  9. Wow George you had a very busy weekend . What a nice wedding . All the food looked wonderful . Happy belated Father’s Day to you . And Susie’s dad looks great .

    1. Thanks Pat the weekend was awesome Wedding perfect too. So much foo as well. Her dad is doing very well thanks !


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