Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 22, 2018

Another fun day here at Rock Glen resort, doggies fixes again, despite the weather.

Where are we today ? 
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     What the heck we slept in this morning!!! Almost 6:30 am. Must have been the busy day, doctors appointments, Happy Hour, darts last night and winning all that money?  Guess we needed it.
    After some fresh coffees and computing got a few nice walkabouts the campground noticing more campers here with children, always nice to see. School is pretty well done for the summer and will get much busier for the next 2 months here.  I made an early quick trip to Forest to pick top sam back ribs on sale, have a plan for them in a few days.
     Checked with Rob here for a tool and connections for our cable connection on the roof, But we have a different cable. so he will check out what he has to help me out, I am sure he will come through for us, he always does.
these guys riding their bikes around here all day
having too much fun
      Next weekend will be much busier with the long weekend and Canada Day.  Right now where we are parked in "the Square" not many here, I am sure it will be full next weekend though.
nice and quiet here for now,
and beside this cabin always quiet
      Then at 3 pm Happy Hour evolved, new prospective members beside us joined us along wth Gerry, who earlier gave them a tour of this park.
Gerry brought Tucker for Happy Hour as usual
and he got his treats
Doggie fix for Suzie with Tucker
      A bit later Joe stopped in with Choco, for a break while he was waiting for his laundry right across from us.
Choco got his treat too
no more treats Choco sorry
    Then I fired up our Weber Q to preheat , made a salad and put on a nice Turkey breast to grill. Enjoyed more of our e-readers and noticed Oli was doing the rounds delivering firewood to the sites $5.00 for a nice bundle .
Oli is back again this year, nice to see
       Now as predicted the rain began at 5 PM, we can enjoy this under our awning and keep dry, While our Turkey breast is grilling.
yup we have a nice rain
5  minutes our bucket is full
Turkey breast done to perfection
added to our salad sure did the trick
and more leftovers 
     Supper done, dishes done but cooled down outside to 63F  by 7 pm and damp, still raining. So decided to head inside wrap up this posting and call it another wonderful day in the life of us fulltimerver's. We take the weather as it comes and make the best of every day.
     Gonna kick back and enjoy a nice comfy evening inside maybe watch a movie , before calling it a night.
    Thanks for dropping on by for a visit and hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Sounds like a nice easy day there, and them dropping to 63 is nice. Always a place to be either under the awning or call it and go inside and relax...either way is a win!!

    1. It was a wonderful day ,just enjoying life getting some more good reading done.
      Everyday we can enjoy this lifestyle is a win for sure.

  2. Where did you get your turkey breast George? Looks good.

    1. Foordland in Forest yesterday it was wonderful. Ribs on sale as well.

  3. Good to see the kids active outdoors rather than playing with a phone.

    1. Yes Larry it sure is nice to see them outside having fun.

  4. gearing up for summer holidays and the kids are out and about.
    The turkey breast looks like a good idea for us since a whole turkey is too much.
    We didn't get the rain until after 10 and stopped before 6. More on the way and we need it here.

    1. Yes the summer holidays are upon us now, lots of activity going on, nice to see the kids enjoying the outdoors. The turkey breast and perfect for us too when I can find them at a good price. More rain here coming today as well.

  5. Replies
    1. You guys need it there more than we do I think, but the farmers here love it.


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