Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 21, 2018

First day of summer, country drive to doctor's appointments, pick up our freezer food and darts tonight

Where are we today ? 
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        Up early as usual  but we have a busy morning ahead of us. After coffee and computing , I headed  over to have a nice long hot shower at 6:30 am. and by 7:30 we hopped in the car to Stratford Ontario for our yearly checkups with the Doc. Got there for 9 am and in and out in 45 minutes the both of us. The weather today did get to 84 F (28C) not too bad at all !
A very nice country drive to Stratford
here we are
       After our check ups  we stopped at the Bulk Barn for a few things and Tim Hortons for a coffee and muffin. Next to Dennis and Sandy's (New Hamburg) to pick up our Freezer food we had stored there and back home to Arkona by 12:30 in time for a nice light tasty lunch.
          Now we got to putter around for a while enjoy our page turners then 3 pm here is Happy Hour and a few friends stopped by to share stories and flap their gums with us always a fun time.
another Blake Pierce book #3 of the 5 I have
 I enjoy lots of action
what a perfect afternoon for reading outside 84F
a nice breeze in the shade
     Then 3 pm Gerry and Tucker came over for Happy Hour. Then Joe, Melinda and John on his break, dropped by as well.
Happy hour for Tucker on his chair
Gerry and Joe
good dog Tucker is
High  5
lots of fun conversation
Even Choco came to join us as well with Joe
        Just as we were beginning supper Rudy dropped by to say hello. We met him and his wife in Lake Whitney Texas this spring. Wow, such a small world!!! We chatted for a few minutes and he headed back home. We grilling a couple of burgers for supper, before darts. A Turkey burger for Suzie and a Chirozo burger (from Arizona) for me.
English Muffins heating in foil
love these Chirozo burgers so tasty
with a nice kick
     Then time to head down to the clubhouse for darts at 6:45pm for some fun fellowship. All ready to go and have too much fun, only about a dozen of us tonight and lotsa laughs.
Suzie doing her stuff
     It was a good night and done shortly after 9 pm. My team in the playoffs again and I won a dollar . Yahoo I won!! Paid 3 dollars each to play and came home with a dollar, another fun night with a bonus.
    Back home still some day light and a nice colourful sky as the sun was setting. Perfect for the first day of summer. From now on the days begin getting shorter.
a pretty nice sunset from this location
our drive today,  321 kms  (200 miles)
          That was it our busy yet fun day here at Rock Glen resort, enjoying this wonderful weather and fun with friends.
         Glad that you dropped by for a peek again.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Sorry for the delete. Tucker and Choco make me smile. Everyone seems to be playing darts nowadays. And you keep winning!!!

    1. No problem Nancy, we have played Darts for years, just for fun mind you, a great social time.
      And the winning is just a bonus for all that fun.

  2. Loving this summer weather, now that it is truly summer! yay!
    Congrats on the dart win. $1 is better than nothing for sure!

    1. Thanks Patsy darts is a fun time. And winning a bonus.
      And the weather was perfect.

  3. Another great day for you two! Glad you can get your freezer food back where it belongs. Happy Hour looked wonderful once again and then your burgers and off for darts! Always looks like a good time there!

    1. It sure was a great day, perfect weather, fun Happy hour, food in our freezer again. Tasty supper and darts too much fun.

  4. Bet the chorizo burger smells great on the grill! A good choice to go with your day.


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