Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cooler , and a bit drizzly computer time and doggie fixes for Suzie

Where are we today ? 
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        A nice soothing rain overnight cooling things down a bit more to a comfortable 70F today. Supposed to be overcast most of the day. No problem we have things to do, like taking it easy (we are good at that).
      Gota few walkabouts early between the rain drops, check emails and have our coffee fixes, and we worked on a few things for this summers itinerary. Where and when we can go and who to visit.
overcast and drizzly this morning
      Took a short trip to Forest for supper tonight we wanted chicken and no food in our freezer, needed couple of other items as well. Now that our freezer is working once again we will pick up our freezer food tomorrow at Dennis and Sandy's in New Hamburg after our doctors appointments in Stratford.
      While I was away Suzie was working on some computer issues with Gerry. Then we enjoyed a light tasty lunch. I just puttered around with a few minor repairs and maintenance things. Still over cast and cool but we did get a couple of hours enjoying our e-readers outside under our awning with a nice light rain.
Gerry, Tucker and Suzie computing
after lunch we relaxed under our awning reading
to the soothing sound of a light rain
     Then about 3 pm got a text from Gerry to invite us over for Happy Hour he its watching Tucker and Joe's dog Choco. ( I did not get a pic of Choco today, he was too fast for me). So over we go and Suzie got couple more doggie fixes with Tucker and Choco.
     Right behind their site is a pond with lovely colourful lily pads and flowers.
Love the flowers here on the pond
Tucker and Suzie wrestling over his toy 
Tucker and Gerry relaxing
Tucker gets his Happy Hour Treats he has come to expect
      We headed home about 4:30 to whip up supper . Preheat our Weber Q made our salad and grilled a couple of nice bone in chicken breasts on our grill mat,
Now sunny and warm again, more reading
while the chicken cooks to perfection 
smells awesome
yummy? yup.
       Of course some leftover chicken, think some soup in the near future. Dishes done and back outside to finish this posting in the afternoon sun. Still in shorts and t-shirt at 8 PM enjoying the quiet sounds of the birds chirping and mourning doves cooing.
       Blog done and posted, read a bit out here then inside for the night wrapping up anther wonderful relaxing day here at Rock Glen Resort.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. A perfect day for just puttering around! Comfortable to be outside, with time to enjoy friends and the doggies.

    1. It really was a perfect day,, and amazing how it flew right on by.

  2. It is nice to sit under an awning and read or even take a nap when there is a light rain outside...very relaxing. I enjoyed the pic of the pond with the lily pads and their flowers.

    1. It is always nice to relax outside with a nice light rain under the awning on a warm day. The lily pads and flowers are almost mystical.

  3. We didn't get any rain yesterday, but we need it up here. It was a beautiful day.
    Fun times for Happy Hour, I'm sure. Tucker is such a cutie.

    1. A little rain is always good, the it stopped and the sun came out, perfect.
      Always fun times here and with Tucker

  4. Just a nice normal day. Love it. I really like it when it rains ... it's my excuse to be a couch potato with the puppies.

    1. It was a wonderful day, even outside under our awning in the rain.

  5. The lily pads and flowers are the color! Happy Hour looked nice and having the baby to watch would be nice too. Tucker is cute and sure loves his treats! Chicken looked great for dinner, love chicken breasts!

    1. Thanks it was a very nice relaxing day And the chicken breasts we love too.


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