Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 04, 2018

Cabin Camping at Rock Glen Resort

Where are we today ? 
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    We had a VERY good sleep last night after our busy weekend. Feel brand new again this morning. Thanks to Dennis and Sandy Suzie's brother and SIL for making us feel so welcome. fear posting the week blog this morning and the wedding. If you missed it you can clic HERE. I ran a few errands
 and back to Kropf's  auto body for a few items that we forgot from our coach. They are working on it first thing this morning.
      The final packing of our car, everything managed to get in there that we wanted the last was our coolatron with some food for us to Cook and of course we took our lawn chairs and Weber Q.
back seat full
trunk full
    We left here about 10:30 and and arrived at Rock Glen Resort our home membership park that we really enjoy. For a new camping experience for us we be camping in one of their wonderful cabins here. Much nicer that a motel room in a campground setting. We have a wonderful bathroom , shower , 2 burner stove decent sized fridge, sleeping for 6 if we need a nice porch, satellite TV. what more can we ask for? And this place is spotless, thanks Melinda !
bedroom with bunks we will use for storage
nice washroom and shower.
2 futons , we will sleep on one
table for 4
     Decent kitchen with plates utensils , 2 burner stove, microwave , fridge, heater air conditioner and a nice flat screen tv. And so much more space than our RV, not sure what to do with all this space! Another very nice benefit of of our membership.
we brought food to eat
A very nice deck with a BBQ, but we brought our Weber Q
a perfect place to hang out for 10 days
        After lunch I whipped into town for a couple of things, back home it was 3 PM. Happy Hour , our good friends Emile and Monique came over to join us. Nice to see them again!
Its been a couple of weeks
since we last saw them
nice comfy porch
      Shortly after 5 pm they headed home so we inside to reheat some of our leftover Chinese food from last night, easy quick and so very tasty.
this sure did the trick again tonight
      So nice to real on our front porch here, so peaceful listening to the mourning doves cooing and birds chirping. Posting this blog again outside at a decent time. Then we can read some for a bit while it is still very comfortable out here, and no bugs, I have a page turn to get back into that has been waiting for me to open up again.
      Thanks for dropping on by and checking us out, after this busy weekend we will enjoy relaxing for a bit on the front porch of our Cabin. This is camping in a cabin, with satellite TV, we brought food, BBQ, Chairs, sleeping bags and pillows, luxury camping that is going to be fun.
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
click this link
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  1. What a great little cabin, looks so cozy and everything you need to be happy.

    1. Thanks Jo I know we will enjoy it here everything we need in a cozy clean cabin.

  2. They are cute little cabins and it will be a new experience for you.
    Have fun!

  3. We just got into Rock Glen yesterday afternoon. Will be by to say "Hi" later on...
    Nice to be home, eh?

    1. Welcome back home to RG, looking forward to seeing you guys again!

  4. Oh the little cabin is just too cute with all the amenities of a real house. I think here they call that kind of camping "glamping" looks like fun! Happy hour is just too nice on your little front porch. Chinese food is making me crave some right now!

    1. We loving this Cabin, it sure is "glamping". Our small porch worked good for Happy hour too.
      This took care of our chinese craving too, so tasty.

  5. Wow!! Don't get too comfortable in that nice big cabin!! It must feel like you're really up town and much better than a hotel room. Enjoy!!!

    1. Yes Nancy this is perfect, quite nice and much better than a motel/hotel as far as we are concerned.

  6. Ten days on "Terra Firma" will be an interesting switch. I just hope you can keep the hitch itch at bay...

    1. It will be different Peter, but we will actually be going away Saturday night, just to keep us mobile.


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