Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Awesome weather, broken step repaired, rolled ribs for supper with good friends. And more doggie fixes.

Where are we today ?
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        Another wonderful sunny warm day ahead of us. Coffees and computing taken care of then a few walkabouts the park  for a while. Spotted the Geese in the pond by the fountain and the 2 families headed up on to shore, boy are they growing !
heading out of the pond and up the hill
        Back by the coach again I noticed our resident Weasel, peak his head our from under the car. He moves so fast have not been able to get a picture of him yet.
        About noon Gerry had a break and came over to help me with installing the new part on our step. Not hard just need a couple of extra hands. I am getting pretty good at this (lotsa practice) and in 10 minutes it was all done and working like new again!
left this part broke  while ago ,
 on the right is just came apart
will see if it can be fixed
new part  installed
      After checking that it worked good, we checked a few more things.
I removed our top step cover because I found it
was not giving enough  clearance for the
motor to work maybe this will fix our problem.
         That  done then I headed inside to begin supper preparation for tonight's meal.  For supper tonight I am making some rolled ribs, I added sauerkraut to the pan as well, baked potatoes and a salad. For the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. I did the Ribs in the oven 6 portions about 2.5 hours at 325f tightly covered with foil, and baked potatoes on our Weber Q, also our usual salad to go with it.
then outside to read for a while
before Happy Hour
       Just after 3 pm Gerry came over to join us with Tucker and Choco so Suzie got her doggie fixes.
always happy to see Suzie
eventually they get a treat
Melinda done working and she joined us
        Just after 5 pm the ribs are done as well as the baked potatoes.
these smell amazing
         Rolled ribs, baked potato, with sour  cream and fresh chives, to go with our salad.
this sure hit the spot another craving taken care of
Gerry, Suzie , Melinda all smiles.
what a feast we had
      Well, we fed our faces and enjoyed some lively conversation and eventually they headed on home, Suzie whipped up the dishes and we enjoyed more wonderful warm weather outside. Working on this posting, Then Paul and Judy dropped by for a visit while doing some laundry and we caught up with them for a while.
      Now here it is just about 9:30 pm still in shorts and t-shirt and 74F (23C) outside, really what is not to love about this weather? Then just after 9 another friend dropped by walking here dogs and chatted for a while it has been at least year since we have seen her and the pups.
      Once this is posted will  read a bit more then head inside for tonight, Tomorrow is another day.
      Thanks again for dropping on by for a visit !

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. George, your meals always look really good...but that is what a restaurant person does, eye appeal is the first step to a good tasting meal. Glad you got your step fixed!

    1. Thanls Guys , it was a tasty meal, food always tastes better if it Looks appetizing.
      The step is working good again, yeah !

  2. Another great looking meal George and another fix fixed.

    1. Thanks Jo it was a fun wonderful productive day, wonder what I can fix today?

  3. You sure do know how to put together some great looking dinners. That looked good!

    1. Thanks Loree, I enjoy cooking and love to eat as you know, sure did the trick,

  4. I've never heard of rolled ribs. I'm putting it on my list!! LOVE seeing the goslings. The only thing around here are some old crows!!

    1. The rolled ribs are a wonderful treat we really enjoy them. Lots of Geese are here in the summer time.

  5. Rolled ribs are new to me they - look and sound delicious.

    1. Larry they sure are tasty, and done right the spices right through the meat and they just fall apart.

  6. nope me either. never heard of rolled ribs. look good though.

    1. They are favourite around Kitchener Waterloo, German/ Mennonite areas. Very tasty.

  7. You are killing me as I look at the photos of that beautiful and sumptuous-looking meal. We worship and adore rolled ribs down here in South Carolina. By the way, I am a lurker on your blog, and it is Croft's fault because he "dropped the bread crumbs" for me to follow to your blog. For a while, I can only look and not touch a meal like that (but maybe the salad) because I've been put on a weight-reducing diet. But I do plan to fall off the wagon in about two months for a meal like that!!

    1. Thanks Dee for dropping by and making a comment. That rib meal was a treat for us. I have lost 50 libs and can among to keep it off, with w few treats like that but mostly fish, chicken and salad. Keep up the good work and the healthy eating habits , you will succeed, and enjoy the new you !
      Don't fall right off the wagon but a treat like this occasionally is good for you, Back to fish and salad again here again that we have come to love.


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