Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Thursday and friday fun in the sun, and other stuff.

Where are we today ?
       This is a 2 day post kinda what we did yesterday and today. Yesterday was a tribute to Suzie's Mom and Dad and about the Mennonite Relief sale in New Hamburg. If you missed it you can click HERE. 
      While we are here Suzie is going to visit her mom twice a day. In the morning for an hour or so and back in the afternoon.
      My early morning walkabout into town and walked by a few old homes that I love here and have actually been in them, very nice and the character that they have is amazing.
some wild flowers by the roadside
     A great morning walkabout and so peaceful in town to , love it!
Heading back to "camp Awesome" you can see our coach
just off the road to the right
        When Suzie went back to visit her mom in the afternoon, It was very hot and humid, what better way to spend the day then to hang out by the pool. Lots of keys from the maple trees here so I got the skimmer on a pole and proceeded to remove them.  15 minutes into this the end and a bracket fell off the skimmer. Right in the deep end about 10 feet deep and of course right to the bottom.
         Checked the water temp , not too bad about 78f so in I go, retrieved the parts and fixed the pole skimmer. The water was actually not too bad. Thats good cause once I was all nice a dry it happened again. So there I got a couple nice refreshing swims in that I actually enjoyed.
       A couple hours enjoying this excellent day and relaxing in the shade until Suzie headed back home. Grilled a pork tenderloin and apple with cinnamon added to our salad and had a great evening, reading outside until dark about 9 pm.
pork tenderloin
tasty pork and grilled apple
          Now Friday very similar to Thursday, walkabouts first thing but took Suzie to visit her mom then I whipped into Kitchener to visit my mom for a bit. Back and picked her up and we back to Plattsville for lunch.
         Then she back to see her Mom and I did a bit more pool cleaning, mowed some of the lawn here for a while that needed done and enjoyed my e-reader in the shade.
        Around 4 o'clock I made a salad and fired up our Weber Q, one of our favorites a grilled chicken, garlic bread and another salad.
80 minutes on our preheated grill turn on low.
Low and slow is the trick
No turning and no peaking 165f internal temp
Salad , strawberries and watermelon does it
         Now we done supper shortly after 6 pm and Suzie would like to go the Mennonite relief sale for a Tea Ball and watch nephew Greg do some auctioning. So back we go and of course, have a tea ball each, another light snack and ran into a lot of people. Fellow Campers from Rock Glen, a Blog follower that spotted me, and many other people we have not seen for many years. Our short visit there was fun and lots of catching up to do we back home after 3 hours, some short visit eh? Well we back tomorrow and do it all over again.
         Thanks for taking the time to stop by and don't forget if you are around drop by the sale its a fun day.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. So nice that you and Suzie are both able to visit with your moms - cherish each and every moment!

  2. Wait...I think I missed something. What is a Tea Ball? Never heard of it.

    Two swims in one day. That is the way to stay in shape.

    1. Tea balls are a round cake ball deep fried coated with sugar made right there and still warm, tasty yes !
      Pictures on Saturdays' posting.
      Two swims were great, felt good and refreshing too.

  3. There's nothing like sunshine to up the spirits. There's also nothing like good food to keep those spirits high. Enjoy!

  4. I liked your excuse to go for a swim! :cD

    1. Hey worked for me, plus it was getting kinda hot too.

  5. We usually have a lot of sun-shine, but today it clouded up about 14:00 and right now I hear thunder.


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