Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Better than perfect weather for mid May and the long weekend. Even met up with a few more friends

Where are we today ?

     Another wonderful day, thats 3 days in a row for our Victoria Day weekend ( the May 24), first long weekend of the camping season was about 22c (71f) at 6:30 am , yep we loving it.
lotsa people still in the Orchard,
they will be all gone by the afternoon
      After a few walkabouts the campground I set out to do the circle into Arkona and back. Left about 10:15 and back here by 11:30, great scenery and a few hills nice workout.
5 kms (3.1miles)
leaving the campground
heading  west
wind turbines everywhere here
nice walkway over the river
Arkona Golf course
heading north back to the campground
          Below is the pileated woodpecker I took yesterday (thanks Ruth).  Next pic I took today look at all the huge wood chips he dug out!
amazing the size of the wood chips that came flying out
       After lunch Suzie and I did another walkabout  the campground, getting nice and quiet now most people leaving and heading back to work/school, now we have some peaceful time for a while.
2 geese and 5 goose puppies (thanks Billy Bob)
love the names for the babies!
      During our walkabout ran into Harry and Jackie just pulling in, have not seem them since last summer. They spent the winter in south Texas again.
       Now to relax in the shade with amazing temperatures enjoying our e-readers, and every so often I get up and putter around a bit. Perfect way to spend a quite afternoon.
perfect temps, sunshine, a shady spot with my Suzie,
 and a light breeze, does it get much better?
      Shortly after 4 pm our friends Liz Taylor and Wray stopped by for a wonderful visit and chat. Have not seen them since last summer either, they spent their winter in Florida. So nice to catch up with some more Rv friends.
Wray and liz
       They headed out just before 5 and time for Supper. So I whipped up a salad, preheated the Weber Q to grill a couple smoked pork chops and more fresh asparagus.
the smoked chops are a real treat, so tasty
 and just need to warm them up.
     There ya go another very fine day, gotta love it.
     Glad you could drop by again and hope yours was wonderful too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Wow...that woodpecker must have an ax for a beak.
    What a pretty hike you did. I love walking in farm country.

    1. It was amazing to see the wood chips fly while he was pecking away.
      This is why we love small town and villages, this is a wonderful place.

  2. Perfect weather is what we all hope for. What a nice area you are spending your time in.

    1. We do love hanging out here, especially if we have to be in Ontario for 5 months a year.

  3. What a beautiful area - it would have been amazing to watch the woodpecker!

  4. We used to get a pair of those woodpeckers here on my property north of Houston. Beautiful birds except for their voice. I lived just north of Detroit and when I had to go to Buffalo on business, I would just drive across Canada. I guess now I would need a passport.

    1. This woodpecker was pretty quiet, even the wood was soft so could barely hear him a few feet away.

    2. Yes you do need a passport now as do we to travel the USA.

  5. Never knew that woodpeckers were in the stump removal business... ;c)

  6. That woodpecker is doing some serious work on the stump.

    1. He sure is and getting a good feed to I am sure.


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