Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, May 01, 2015

3, 4 and 7

Where are we today ?
         Another awesome day again! Was up to 19 c (66f) and sunny!
          Now why the 3, 4 and 7 in case you wondering. 
          Well in 3 days we will pick up our coach and move back into it. 
           In 4 days we moving out of New Hamburg and set up camp close by. Still have a few things to wrap up here at the house. 
           And in 7 days is the Auction sale right here at the house. For the information on that you can click HERE for the time, location and pics of a few things that will here for sale. Of course there is much more,( much much more)  than that available. Just about anything could ever need or want, maybe even some things you don't need, but will buy anyway so if you around drop on by if nothing else it, it will be fun and very, very interesting, plus there will be a food wagon here so at least we will be feed.
          Really wanted to go for a walkabout today, but after my 5.5 mile walk the other day over hills and stuff my legs are out of shape, lotta pain. The indoor track on level ground is fine but need to do some recouping of my unused muscles.  Guess a lot of unused muscles that need to heal for a day or so. Will get back at it tomorrow, I hope.
           Suzie got back here about 4:30 and we relaxed for a bit on the lower patio in the afternoon sun. Was actually very nice to chat (just the 2 of us) and catch up on each other's lives, it's been a while. A nice Happy hour, we had enjoying the view (wow it's been a long time!) Since we have had this luxury.
wonderful "Happy hour " view
      Tonight a real easy supper, Chicken Avocado Burgers click here  or you can find them on my Recipe Blog on the top right sidebar. I made them earlier and froze 2, they turned out perfect!  
of course our Weber Q 100 did the trick
         Earlier today I made  my Broccoli, Apple Salad recipe click here  or my recipe blog on the top of my sidebar .
sure did the trick once again
          Other than that  it was a wonderful day, loving this great weather.
          Hey, and thanks again for stopping on by.
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  1. You must be so excited to be moving back into your motorhome and to an slightly new locale! I bet you will be happy when the auction is over and you will be able to do a lot more relaxing just like today. Good for you on your 5 1/2 mile hike, keep it up it will only get easier.

    1. Excited yes! Just to be back in our motorhome. An of course wrapping up things here too.
      II am liking the fact that we can actually spend most of the day outside, in quiet surroundings too.

  2. Moving back home. What a good feeling it much be.

  3. We always look forward to moving to the cabin and always look forward to moving back to the motorhome. They're both homes but in different ways.

    1. We enjoy the constant change of scenery, and neighbors.

  4. You've got me worried with your aching legs after 5.5 miles. I am due to walk 11 miles on not used to it legs in June. Oh dear. That view btw looks very English, southern England. Are you sure you know where you are? Did you accidentally float across an ocean in your wagon?

    1. A little conditioning for you legs will work, do a bit more everyday.
      Nope were are in New Hamburg Ontario Canada, but it sure would be nice to tour southern England.


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