Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday and it was a wonderful day too! Walkabout Plattsville early this morning.

Where are we today ?
   When we got home from the birthday party last night we sat outside until it got dark. And we had  company. Did not know that Molly and Buddy were here. Apparently they had escaped from the yard and and wandered about. At least they came home. Buddy had been in the river so Suzie set to work and gave him a good brushing.
they now ready for bed,
and we are too
      This morning an early walkabout town for a bit. Below was an old house I had bought about 1985. Built in 1924 for Sam Platt's son.  A very nice  2 bedroom home with a walk up attic. Lived here for about 4 years.
     Below is Sam Platt's house a very nice period home.( 1880's ?) Have been in it a few times many years ago.
This was  Sam Platt's house built on the late 1800's, 
original settler in Plattsville.  ( Sam Platts Village)= Plattsvile
        The Plattsville United church, have been there many times too over the years.Youngest daughter was baptized there.
Plattsville United Church
     Now below was Dobson's Antiques for many years and a bed and breakfast as well. We stayed there one nigh for a Chicken BBQ in town and dance, many years ago one night and was wonderful.
Was Dobson's Antiques, not much going on here now
nice old home was the local Doc's place for many Years too
The Grist Mill been here for many years
      Walking down the street my name was called. Russ was under his deck having a morning coffee. Stopped an chatted with him and his wife Donna for a bit. Nice to catch up, have not seen them in at least a year.
     Just down the road our house on Mill St. We renovated it for 15 years and sold it in 2006 to go fulltime. We added this wrap around porch and was very nice, but time to move on.
a very nice house it was and still is
over 100 years old
before I mowed the lawn
     We had a wonderful relaxing morning just the 2 of us, very warm sunny day outside for a couple hours. First time in  a long time and was awesome! Then at noon I dropped her off at her Dad's place to visit her mom again.
     I am watching the weather today to see what I will do. So about 12:30 thought would go visit my Ma for a few minutes. Mother's Day so stopped on by for a nice visit. My sis and BIL were there too, been a while was a wonderful visit.
      The weather is holding out so back to "Camp Awesome" hopped on the mower and it ran for 80 minutes before the deck quit. Not too bad considering last year's issues. Just another couple hours and will be all cut again, but not today, need to charge the battery. Has been growing like crazy with the rain, sunshine and warm, weather. I would like to get it all done again before we leave here this coming thursday.
Suzie walking the dogs this morning
      As I wandered about came across a few Trilliums, Ontario's Provincial flower.
love the trilliums
     Lawn  done and the dogs  relaxing too.  Gotta love this almost 90f weather !
      Suzie back home and I am done lawn mowing for the day. We can relax and chat for a bit then time for me to whip up supper. Tonight a couple Cod loin fillets on our Weber Q 100 and our salad that we both have been missing for the last few days.
Now that was a good meal we both enjoyed!
        Was a good day, we both busy but are working towards our goal. Wrapping up the loose ends.
        Thanks for stopping by and hope your day was a great one too !
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. I love the older houses. Think of all the history in those walls. It's also fun to go back and see where we used to live. Rarely does a house stay the same.

    1. They do have so much character and like you said rarely stay the same.

  2. Dinner looks usual.

  3. With all the homes you owned there, they should change the town's name to "Georgeville"! :cD


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