Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wonderful Sunday just puttering about a bit.

Where are we today ? 
          The morning after the party the night before and a wonderful sunrise for us. We came home and were in bed early last night. Up with the sunrise just like we  enjoy it. Some of these people never quit until 4 am, got rides or slept here in there vehicles (smart people).
nice sunrise
        Even Buddy was still here quite comfy in our living room. No rush to go out just enjoyed our company and the peace and quiet of our house. When Suzie got up took him out for a walk and back home to be with Molly, his mom.
        We just puttered around a bit this morning enjoying another wonderful summer day. Helped tidy up a bit after the party, a quick run to the store and socialize a bit with our hosts. Another familiar dog was dropped off to be doggie sitted, Jersey, you have met him before he just loves swimming in the pool.
Buddy on the left Jersey on the right 
Jersey cooling off in the pool
        A bit more puttering about and I cooled off in the pool too, so refreshing on a perfect summer day. Then grabbed our books to read for a bit and Ma arrived for a wonderful afternoon visit with us at "Camp Awesome". She even let me whip up a nice pork loin roast and taters on our Weber Q. So tender and tasty, we added a few salads, left over from yesterday to round off a delicious supper. Some mini pecan tarts for desert.
love my Weber Q 100
hit the spot
I think even ma enjoyed it too
         A wonderful visit we had and she headed back home to Waterloo, don't want to get home too late ya know when you 86 years old, neighbors will talk. Thanks for the visit ma.
       Now tidied up a bit, chat with Lea for a few minutes and home to call it a night.
       As we chatted in the driveway the three dogs checking us out, looks so cute.
thats Molly, Buddy and Jersey
        We had a great sunday hope you enjoyed yours as well. Thanks for stopping on by.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. That's a cute picture of the pups at the door!

    We go to bed early too! Love the mornings!

    Ma looks great!

    1. Ma is doing pretty good thats for sure.
      Mornings sure is the best part of the day in our books.

  2. Ma looks like a sweetheart. Love the dog swimming in the pool ... looks like he thinks it's HIS pool. Dinner looks good.

  3. Love the dogs in the screen! Looks like they want to give you another dog fix. Puttering around and doing nothing feels good once in a while ... or, maybe much more often than that.

  4. Ma looks great.

    Love the last photo of Larry, Curly and Moe...hehe

    1. Yes finally got a picture of them, love it!

  5. Great shot of the dogs at the screen door. Dinner looked terrific as usual.

    1. Thanks Rick, I have been trying to get that shot for a while.

  6. Love that photo of the 3 dogs. Nice to have a quieter day. Good luck to Dad with the hip surgery tomorrow.

    1. Thanks we hope will go well for him.


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