Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Warmer today and lotsa sunshine, almost perfect weather.

Where are we today ? 
        Well today is much nicer than yesterday. Sunshine most of the day and temps about 70f (22c). That is good enough we can really enjoy this, back to shorts and t-shorts for me. The early morning coffees, computing and a walkabout "camp awesome" here, then I made a quick trip to the store.
        Just a quick remembrance today, my oldest younger brother Don would have been celebrating his birthday today. Passed away in 2000 (succumbed to kidney cancer) I believe he would have been 51 years old. If I am wrong Ma or Sis will correct me I am sure.
        Back home Suzie is on Lea's deck brushing Molly. Both Buddy and Molly who managed to escape last night somehow and must have been down by the river, both wet, muddy and covered with burrs. So she had her work cut out for her, after all we are dog sitting!
brushing Molly
         We had a quick bite for lunch then Suzie took off to visit her Gramma at the hospital in Kitchener for lunch and I proceeded to mow some lawn here, just the back few acres for about 2 and 1/2 hours. Sure is nice with this 61 inch deck on a great mower.
very tall cornfield next door
a beautiful day to be outside
        I done mowing and Suzie home, good timing. She brushed the dogs more at our site in "camp awesome". And brought some food for them. They have hardly eaten since John and Lea left on Sunday. She had to hand feed them for a bit then they dug right in finished off the bowl of food and water.
hand feeding them to get them going
          Reading in the shade for a while then fired up our Weber Q to grill a nice pork roast and baked potatoes, directly on the grill, low heat after preheating. Add to that some steamed broccoli, fresh tomato slices and applesauce we have wonderful tasty supper.
         While we enjoyed our meal both dogs came inside and just made them selves at home.
        A bit of a walkabout after supper, let the dogs run and read a bit more while it was still warm enough outside, much nicer than yesterday, thats for sure.
        Now soon time to call it a day and head inside. Love these early morning days with sunshine and warmer weather. Thanks once again for stopping by, sure do enjoy your company.
        Ya'll come back now hear?
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Don sure died young. Sometimes it's easy to forget how just how quickly (and at a young age) a person can be cut down by cancer.
    Lost one of my sisters when she was 32. She'd be 69 by now. All those years. Makes you wonder what could have been.

    1. Sure does make you wonder, he was such a wonderful person and had great ambitions, lived a great life and almost achieved his goal.

  2. So sorry about your brother. That's a hard thing to go through and a hard thing to watch. Love the dogs and the food on the Weber. Enjoy, enjoy!

    1. Was not easy but it was pretty quick for him.

  3. My brother was killed in an auto accident when he was only 16 years old...I often wonder what he would have grown up to be like. He would have been 58 this past December.

    The pups look great....Suzie did a great job!

  4. Those 2 dogs remind me so much of when our Maggie was with us. She was a yellow lab too, and of course our Jackson is a cream or white Golden Retriever. The 2 of them laying there brought back fond memories...

    1. Memories of your pets are priceless.

  5. Those poor dogs miss their parents, probably why they tried to ( and did ) escape. They are lucky top have you two to care for them.

    1. Yes they do love attention, Mom and dad will be home tomorrow.


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