Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, August 02, 2013

Kids, grandkids and rain!

Where are we today ? 
       Today started off with pretty nice weather so we are thinking all will be good. I puttered around setting up some tables and chairs. Suzie set to work to make a couple of gluten free cheesecakes. Anticipating the arrival of Daughter number one, her husband and three grandchildren. This will be their first camping experience in a tent trailer, that they have on loan from a friendly neighbor.
        Have to drive thru holiday weekend traffic about three hours they finally arrived here about 6 o'clock and we promptly got their trailer set up, kids all having fun.
       Now over the years daughter number one has camped with us, in a tent in a rented cabin etc and never fails when they come it is gonna rain! They just got set up and it rained, and rained it poured down like crazy but at least they got their trailer set up.
so much for an outside picnic
We had a good fire going and the rain caused a lot of smoke
but kids like playing in the rain
Daddy is back from the store
I will take him an umbrella.
         For supper a quick easy one on our Weber Q, hamburgers and hot dogs for these starving people. Added a few chips and dips and we are good to go.
         We all moved into our coach out of the rain to realx a bit and enjoy supper.
hey yummy Grandad
       Well after everything got wet the rain stopped, we went for a walkabout the park for a bit then back here to enjoy some smore's around the campfire.
smore's yeah!
       Things quiet down kids in bed, relax around the fire for a bit more, then guess what? The rain began again! Oh well its dark and my bedtime anyway. We made it thru the first evening and everyone had fun.
        Just want to thank y'all for stopping by.
        Internet was now working last night with the storm I guess, so I am up early to get on line.

 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Rain or shine...nothing better than family time!

    I think I missed something somewhere. What do you mean by holiday weekend traffic? What holiday?

    1. Sorry this is a Canadian long weekend "Civic Holiday" 1st monday in August.

  2. In the past we had been rained out many times when camping. One time the rain was so bad my dad had to dig ditches around the tent to keep the water out. Eventually in the wee hours of the morning we just gave up. It adds to the experience though ... well, we'd just as soon be without those experiences. The weekend is young so here's hoping the rain has moved down the road and the fun is coming your way.

    1. Just more experiences to add to the memory bank.
      Rest of the weekend looking good!

  3. Hope Saturday will be dry in your area and in our area too! I sure do love s'mores! Bet the kiddies do too. Cute pictures of the kids playing in the that brings back pleasant childhood memories!

    Have a super Saturday!

  4. Our family of 4 kids use to camp in a tent trailer. When it rained we strung tarps up as shelter and played in the mud :) Hoping you have better weather the rest of the weekend.

  5. Nothing like hamburgers, hot dogs and smores to keep the grandkids happy, rain or no rain.

  6. Nothing better than camping out with the Family...enjoy!

  7. Nothing better than camping out with Family...enjoy!

  8. How did they like their first camping experience in a tent trailer?
    Even with the rain, it sounds like you had a nice day.


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