Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Perfect weather and a surprise party here in Plattsville.

Where are we today ? 

         Hey what can I say, just another awesome day. Sounding like a broken  record, but really can't help it that's just the way things are. Bright sunny day a bit cooler, great for sleeping and a walkabout the acreage here.
        Some wildlife here too, saw bunnies hopping around but too quick for me. Some bees pollinating the flowers and deer running thru the fields, just love it here.
the bees love these flowers today
nice sunrise warming us up
deer in the fields
          We helped with a some party prep and just enjoyed the day. A friend we have not seen for a long time, walking down the road stopped by for visit. Have known Bing for close to 30 years. So nice that he stopped by and we could catch up.
           As the afternoon progressed people began arriving here for a surprize 40th birthday party for Lea's son-in-law Aaron. Of course the standard party here is a Pig Roast and pot luck. Aarons friend brought his pig roaster and got things cooking. Everyone else brought huge pot luck salads and deserts.
         Well over 60 people arrived, lots of kids and lots of games. It was a perfect day for the pool, kids just love it.
Thomas not so sure yet
pool fun 
the BBQ crew
pig roaster doing its job, not a Weber
a few cars back here
yard games
Molly loving the fun
buddy hiding in our house
John has been delegated the official slushie maker
he is really good at his job too 
pig is almost ready
perfect temp
kissing the pig!
lotsa salads
oh so good
then too many deserts
awesome peach cheesecake
yep was soo good
        Did we have a great day? You betcha! Did we eat too much, yep we did. Would we do it again absolutely.
         Guess what now time for us to turn in and Buddy is not moving from our coach, No way Jose! Cannot budge him he really likes it here, peace a quiet no people, no kids just nice and quiet. That's why we are here, looks like we have an unexpected guest for the night, no problem he is a really nice dog.
         Thanks for visiting us at here at "Camp Awesome" (compliments of John and Lea our amazing hosts) in Plattsville, always seems to be something going on.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. "Camp Awesome" is right. That pig roaster is some serious piece of equipment.

    1. The roaster sure does a good job for large cooking.

  2. Wow, you all ARE at Camp Awesome! I want a slushie! ;-)

    1. They were so tasty, he made a few different flavors too!

  3. Perfect weather, good friends and lots of food .. what more can one ask for on a lazy summer day. Sounds good to me!!

  4. Fun, fun, fun!

    Buddy is some smart pup!

    1. Yep he is, does not like all the action going on here.

  5. Nothing wrong with awesome days - sure beats the alternative.

    That is quite the roaster!

    1. It is so, have done more than a 125 pig on it work wonderful.

  6. If you had to leave the beach RV Park, this was the next best place. Always a party.

    1. Always fun here, but we do have some nice quiet times too.


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