Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Relocating again to Long Point Provincial Park, awesome beach!

Where are we today ? 
         Perfect weather again today, sunshine and quite warm forecast is 79 f with humidtiy feels like 86f (30c). We are leaving our friends place here near Norwich shortly after 11 am and head to the this campground, a niceshort drive about one hour. Thanks guys for your great hospitality! We have no reservations thinking we can probably get a campsite for one or two nights no problem. We have not really been here since May 2006 (our header picture). Have to take a new one.
75 kms (46miles)
        Suzie is taking the car to meet up with her family in Woodstock (Swiss Chalet restaurant) for lunch and discuss issues about her father's up coming hip replacement surgery Aug. 27th. Then she will drive down to meet up with me at a campground, wherever I am, mid afternoon.
       Headed down the road thru Norwich , just as this huge church congregation was getting out, people everywhere and the traffic jam was being directed.
        Now Long Point is a sand spit (huge sandbar) that heads out into Lake Erie with wonderful sandy beaches and warm climate. A place we loved to head to for one or two nights years ago when we were working.
campgrounds with boat slips along the way too
         Our plan is to spend two nights here then move west on down the road to Port Burwell for two nights. But as you know plans are written in jello and can change at any given minute.
         Well got checked in here site 50 for two nights. These provincial parks have become expensive, ($86.00 for two nights with 30 amp electric only, no water or sewer) but we bit the bullet and did something we have wanted to do this for a long time, so saved our pennies. Only three sites available for us, the campground pretty well full with almost 300 sites.
          I was checked in and all set up on our site before 2 pm.
wonderful huge site we have here
         Then did a walkabout and passed some of our favourite sites and check out the crowded beach. Sunshine, hot and Lake Erie was very calm and the water was warm.
over the sand dune to the beach
perfect weather for a beach day
       Then Suzie got home about 3:30 pm we chatted for a while to bring me up to  date on all the family stuff and we got to relax with our books for a while. A wonderful huge campsite.
        We are across from the playground but do not mind the sounds of children playing and having fun. They do get a little loud at times but they are not there all day. And hey its kids having fun. About 4:30 one little girl stopped and asked if we had a bandaid, her friend had cut her foot. So we just grabbed some bandaids, peroxide, and paper towels to do a bit of first aide on this young lady about 8 years old, minor cut on her toe and we had her all cleaned up when the parents came by and thanked us so much, sure makes you feel good to help out these young un's and be appreciated too.
our view of our huge site from under our awning
        Suzie had a big lunch with the family and I had none, so supper for me was a couple peanut butter hot dogs and chips, just hit the spot (she did not bring me back any Swiss Chalet Chicken, sniff.. sniff.... :<(  ) No point in firing up the Weber for two hot dogs.
       Now time to catch a sunset, but we were a few minutes late it set behind the tree line, no problem thou was a nice walk to the beach on a wonderful warm evening. So peaceful and calm here just amazing! We love it here may have to stay a few more days!
moon rising in the east
          Thanks for stopping in to check us out, hope you had an amazing sunday too.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. What a wonderful looking campground, makes me envious, here in The Yukon all the campings are a bit dusty (understatement) Not sure about the peanut butter and hotdog sandwiches though.

    1. If you like hot dog and you like peanut butter why not?

  2. You sure seem to find great places to stay. We need a new one now. Wish you were here to figure it out for us. (Well, also to cook for us)

    1. Always nice to explore new places, and have been to most campgrounds in southern Ontario over the last 42 years.
      Any where new is always nice to check out. No fancy cooking just tasty food.

  3. I think this is the first time in a long time I have seen you two around so many campers.

    The beach is beautiful...especially at night. Great photos.

    1. That is what the summer months are like here. But the campsites are huge and we are are enjoying it.

  4. I can see why you bit the bullet and payed that price. It is a lovely park and with the beach and water what could be more perfect. Enjoy.

  5. Yes it is worth it when the weather is perfect too!

  6. Gheez we had Q dogs tonight, why didn't I think of that. NICE beach!!!


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