Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, August 09, 2013

Sunshine, errands, visiting and a feast of wings!

Where are we today ? 
         Sunshine and a warm day, coffees' computing and a nice walkabout the property here. Then we head into Kitchener/Waterloo, run a few errands and doctors appointments then on the spur of the moment found we had a few minutes to stop by my mothers for a short visit. Ma is feeling much better than last week and looks pretty good.
         After a nice visit and a bite to eat for lunch, dropped Suzie of at the hospital to visit her gramma for a bit. She is in ICU resting comfortably after a short operation last night. She is spunky (for a 98 yr old) and should be fine in a few days.
        Back home gonna prep another pasta salad for a pot luck get together tomorrow. So a quick trip to new Hamburg, pick up a few items I need. Have a little slow traffic on the roads at this time of year. Farmers are moving equipment from one field to another and the back roads is the only way to go. Followed this combine for a while, no way to pass them just too wide for the roads, but then again whats the hurry?
Thru the Village of Haysville
almost as wide as the bridge
       Salad made for tomorrow and visit with Lea and some friends for a bit. Then we are heading to the Trails Edge Tavern two blocks down the road for a cold pitcher and a feast of their awesome suicide wings for me. Chicken Quesadilla for Suzie. When we go to the local pub always see lotsa people we know too, after all I lived here for 25 years and had a restaurant in the village for 10 of them, love small towns!
tasty chicken Quesadilla
huge wings, suicide sauce, celery carrots and blue cheese,
really did the trick.
        On the way back stop to visit a friend and chat for a while, then now we can relax outside on a great evening listening to the mourning doves cooing on a nice peaceful night. Sure do love this lifestyle thats for sure.
        Just wanna thank ya'll for stopping by and hope you had a great Friday too, and even a better weekend. May the sun always shine on your campsite!
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. I can almost taste those two sure know how to live on the road!

  2. We do enjoy this lifestyle thats for sure.

  3. Good to see you getting a night off from grilling the Q, George. I think I'd have gone for the Quesadilla too - it sure looked good.

    1. It was good, but I am kinda partial to wings.

  4. We asked you awhile back about buying a Weber Q, well we did it on Canada day. We bought the Q 300, I must say we love it. The igniter switch is useless but who cares! We are still on our first tank of gas and use it so frequently, sometimes twice a day. We are converts, when we need a need portable one we are buying the Q 100 . So maybe we should start a blog about cooking on ours!!! Take care on your travels and thanks so much for your input. My husband is one happy guy. Cheers
    Shelagh and Peter, Langley, Vancouver, BC

    1. Glad you enjoy the Weber.
      After 4 years we have never had a problem with our igniter, not sure why your is not working.


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