Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nice young Kids, and an awesome beach day!

Where are we today ?

        What is a Biosphere Reserve? click here. So much to see and do for the outdoors people who want to hike or bike so many trails.
         More wonderful hot weather, again perfect for being at the beach. Walkabouts and listening to the waves lapping the shoreline.
huge sites too Rv's  vehicles, boat a trailer
         If you remember Sundays Posting HERE. We were next to the playground and a little girl came and asked for a bandaid. We went and cleaned up the cut and she was much better, the parents arrived and were appreciative too.
         Well yesterday they stopped in to thank us again with a couple of hand drawn thank you notes. Now how is that for the young children of today's society, sure does make us feel good I tell ya ! Glad we could help out.
The girl that cut her toe is on the left,
 carrying another young un'
a precious souvenir we have 
        Now today we are enjoying this campground big time. Temps to be about 86 f and they say with humidity gonna feel like 95f. Ok so a quick trip to Port Rowan and pick up a few supplies then back home for and early brunch.  On the way back stopped at a couple look outs to check out the what there is to see. This causeway almost reminds me of the heading out to Key West in Florida last fall, narrow roads and water on both sides but this is only about 6 miles long.
        Neighbor stopped by to ask about our satellite dish, gave him some info, had a bite to eat then we headed on down to the beach! What a perfect day for it too!
they have these fences along the road way to stop the
 wildlife from running across the road and being run over.
this is the Long Point into Lake Erie
awesome camp sites in the dunes that we loved
        Now for supper I doing twice baked potatoes, so right after lunch I baked them on our Weber Q while we are reading our books for a bit.
all baked
slice the top off
scoop out the insides
        Then mash up the insides with lotsa stuff, butter, cream cheese, sour cream, shredded cheese, bacon, parsley then put all that back in the tater shells. Keep in the fridge until time for supper. 
          Now we can go to the beach, perfect day for it about 85f but the weather channel says 95 f with humidity. Super hot here but a couple hundred yards to the beach and we have a nice breeze. Our beach umbrella all set up, beach chairs and our books we have it made.
perfect beach day
our spot on the beach

me heading out for a swim
me coming back
        Well we spent a few hours on the beach today and it was awesome! Reminded us of the Beach we stayed at in Mazatlan Mexico for 2 months in 2009/10. The water was very warm here but not salty, no jelly fish, no pelicans, no dolphins, no Mexican vendors and no Margaritas on the beach but hey, it was still wonderful right here in Ontario Canada!
        Now close to 4 pm headed back home for our own 'Happy Hour", got our books our for a bit and started a campfire with some left over wood from last  night.
       Then about 5 o'clock fired up our Weber Q to warm up the twice backed taters, fresh mushrooms and onions in foil and grill a couple very tender bacon wrapped beef tenderloin steaks for supper. Also heated up a couple potato buns with garlic butter and some peas to go on the side with the fresh field tomatoes too.
yep it sure hit the spot
        Now guess what?  Our day is done and it was awesome again, does it get much better? Hmm not sure. Tomorrow we are hitting the road first thing in the morning back to Plattsville where we will be hanging out for a while, family stuff thats need to be looked after.
       Wanna  thank you again for stopping on by, always enjoy the company.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. That was nice that you could help out the kids.... looks like a fun day in great weather to me!

    1. Camper help campers that what we enjoy about this life.

  2. You sure did make the best of a hot, humid day. It's hot here but we aren't fighting the humidity which is nice. Your dinner sure looks fancier than ours was.

    1. Love nice hot days at the beach perfect!

  3. That beach and the lake sure looked inviting. BUT, no where near as good as your dinner. George, you outdid yourself with this one.

  4. I'm soooo ready to do what you're doing. What a lovely spot.

    1. Go find yourself a beach soon, its fun.

  5. Great idea on the spuds. Thanks for tip. Love your beach camp spot ... my favorite type of place to be.

    1. A perfect place to be with this kind of weather.

  6. I noticed the card said " To: The nice couple"...what a nice complement! Awesome parents they had too...

    The beach looks heavenly! And so did those twice baked potatoes!

    Safe travels.

  7. That was so nice of you two to help the little one. What a wonderful gift they gave back to you. Thank goodness there are still parents that teach manners.

    What a wonderful day you two had. I love the beach photos. Excellent.

    Another day of living the good life.

  8. Yup looks just like the Isla beach. Those kids have great parents to teach them about thank you 'notes'.

  9. The note from the little girl was priceless - so very sweet of her to write and thank you. It looks like the beach agrees with you and that as always you enjoyed a delicious dinner. :-)

    1. Love the beach when the weather is perfect.


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