Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wed. Dec 15th 2010, Palm Springs CA

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

      This picture was taken a few miles from our home park in Ontario Dec. 15th after vehicles had been stranded for 2 days and over 200 people rescued. Tow trucks trying to clear the roads so hwy  402 can open . Sure glad we decided to head south 2 months ago, and we will wait until its all gone.
HWY 402 Ontario Wed. Dec. 15th
      Just a peak at what we are missing back home, not missing it very much mind you, down  south we can still play outside in comfort.
Much Nicer here
      Up early this morning for a walkabout the resort. Down by the pool and spa at 7:30am is a busy place, people in the very warm pool and hot spa, even if its cool and windy, the pool area is nice.
warm pool
      I watched some of the workers trimming trees for a bit, checked out the scenery around like the top of the mountain, over seeing Palm Springs hidden in a huge cloud and the windmill farms in the distance. A nice putting green and mini golf, very well maintained resort. Suzie and I did a walkabout later to check for yard sales that are allowed today at campsites , but only found a couple in this huge park, apparently because it was so windy, gusts to 35mph. The larger sites in the upper campground with a huge family pool and spa, and a real large clubhouse as well.

      After this walkabout I went to town (Desert Hot Springs), for some groceries and beverages at VONS a huge grocery chain. Then went to Vons gas bar to save 3 cents a gallon on fuel. Of course as usual when I tried to use my credit card at the pumps it asks for my ZIP code, which us Canadians don't have. So inside to the cashier and he tells me a little trick for use the three numbers in your postal code plus 00 at the end and it worked. Now I have tried this at many different gas stations and many different states and have yet gotten it to work, so when I don't try it, it works!!  Go figure.

      Now back home to putter about a while but a cool very strong wind so some inside research and reading. At About 3:00pm I went to the pool and giant hot tub (spa). The pool was so warm it was like a bath tub, nice with the cool air and the large spa a very warm 104 f thanks to the natural hot water coming from their own well at 130 f. At 3:00 pm there was no one else in the pool and spa, I guess everybody was having an afternoon nap, after getting in the pool so early this morning, it was so nice.

      Now back home to compute a bit and adjust our itinerary for Christmas. The resort we had booked apparently has no cell phone coverage and not very good internet, something we would like over Christmas, so we just book another resort in a slightly different area of California.

       All of this was taken care of and time for supper. I heated up some fried chicken that I picked up at the Deli counter at Vons made some mashed potatoes with peas and carrots and a very tasty supper.
Then of course a couple of our favourite tv shows after supper, on a windy night.

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  1. Are you in a WHR park? Haven't commented for a bit as it was all coming up in Spanish.

  2. This is Catalina Spa and rv resort it is Coast to Coast, We need a week out of Western Horizon parks between visits.

  3. Isn't is nice to be away from all that cold and snow, especially with pictures like that from back home.

    Sounds like you are settled in there nicely in California. Enjoy the nice weather.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth, we don't settle too much, only a week at a time maybe, may still trip trip to Mexico again in the new year. Just love it there!!


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