Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Weird weather, overcast rainy, and temperatures up and down.

Where are we today ? 
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        A wonderful spring night for sleeping overnight temps about 60f (15C) windows and vents open for fresh air with rain drops on our roof, so soothing. Was still 60F at 5 am  but no sunshine today with rain called for, just like the weather Gods promised.
still peaceful here
yup we had rain
       I did get a nice walkabout almost a mile early morning while the rain paused for a while. Them put on a sirloin tip roast in our antique slow cooker, at 8 am and smelling the aroma all day long in our coach, What a great way to enjoy and overcast rainy day. I bought this roast on sale a couple of week ago (1/2 price) and put in our freezer. Today is a good day to cook it. Thawed and marinated it overnight in the fridge.
      Also a quick trip to the Forest Foodland, for a few fresh veggies and a some discounted meat specials that I can usually find early mornings shopping.
       While the roast was cooking away I decided to make some banana quick bread mini loaves, a good day for this as well. The few times I make this stuff I use a mix added some chopped walnuts and pecans, just because I could. popped them in the oven. While these were baking we enjoyed a nice light tasty lunch, we split an apple, banana, some fresh celery and the bit of leftover pork roast and 1/2 dozen potato chips.
a tasty mixe easy
these turned out perfectly
we snack once in a while for a treat
      After lunch grabbed my umbrella and headed to the fitness centre at the clubhouse for another wonderful workout, ( the picture of the fitness centre on yesterday's posting) getting back into the routine while we are here. Then with still lotsa time I grabbed my swimsuit and towel, back down for a swim in the nice warm pool and wonderful soak in the hot tub. Really love it when it is not busy here, The weekends and summer months bring in lots of campers and the facilities are well used as well as the outdoor pool when it opens.
love the indoor pool, when it is not busy
and the hot tub as well
        Our afternoon flew by and happy hour just the 2 of us today, inside with this weird weather. Was 65 F (18C) at 2 pm and 45 F (7;C) at 4 pm then back to 56F (13C) at 6 pm?  A good choice to cook inside with our slow cooker.
this still does the trick, not pretty but works
     Then because as a child we always had Yorkshire pudding with our roast beef, Something I really enjoy, and Suzie has come to like it as well. Below is a mix we can get here a Canada, quick and easy just the right portion for us as well. Yes I can make it but this works for us.
a nice mix works for us
so quick easy and tasty
      Made a bit of gravy from the drippings and enjoyed this wonderful treat. And of course lots of leftovers.
carrots done in the cooker, salad on the side and very tasty
HOT horseradish did the trick
        We actually enjoyed this day for a change, warm and toasty, mostly inside, a few walkabouts almost 3 miles, good food, exercise, swim, a quiet happy hour, enjoyed our e-readers and the wonderful company of each other. This is the life!
         Thanks for taking the time to drop on by. No sunset to view tonight .
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. "Made with real bananas"

    Bah... as opposed to the fake ones.

  2. it was a funny day here too. No rain after 10 but temps and sky changed often. A good day for our running around and a great anniversary together. :)

  3. Yorkshire pudding looks great. We had that as kids too. Your whole dinner looked tasty. You sure are a good cook.

    1. Thanks Loree I love to cook and we love to eat, sure makes a huge difference in the end result.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day to me too.

  5. In the "old" days they made things that last, like your slow cooker!! Dinner looks delicious!! I haven't tried Yorkshire pudding yet but it's on my list!!

    1. Yes things were made to last, not so much anymore. Dinner was wonderful and the Yorkshire is perfect with a roast beef.

  6. Despite the weather you still had an awesome day. Dinner looks delicious!

    1. Yes we did Peter, like to make the best of every day not matter the weather.

  7. The pool looks very inviting and the hot tub is awesome!! You are living the life!!
    Great day, good food and nice walks!! Excellent!!!

    1. Thanks we do enjoy the park our home memership park with all the amenities . Yes we do enjoy this lifestyle,

  8. Banana bread looks awesome along with your dinner! I make a batch most every week, Ken likes a slice with his coffee in the am. The park is beautiful and especially with not many people. Sure that will change this weekend. enjoy that beautiful place!

    1. We don't often bake stiff bit is a nice treat. We do enjoy this park very comfortable here.


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