Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Just another wonderful day here at Camp Awesome.

Where are we today ?\
clic a puc to enlarge if you care.
       Wow just another wonderful warm night for sleeping, almost too warm. But windows open, fantastic fan running and comforter put away we did get a very nice sleep, though.
      Up before  the sunrise at 5:30 and and really enjoyed it this morning like most when we are here.
      Just after 7 am a nice walkabout town for a couple of miles, stopped by Pettigrew's to chat with the guys for a bit
      Then hopped in the car over to Bright (5 Miles) to pick up my suit pants that were hemmed and altered slightly. This lady does an amazing very professional job and only cost $15.00. Me happy and she happy.
she does does very nice work here
      Back home and picked up Suzie we headed to the Polling Booths too vote in this years election. Who to vote for? Sorry no discussion here. We don't discuss politics or religion on this blog. But we did and made our presence made in Ontario, Being full-time rv'ers.
     Back home for lunch and I decided to mow some of the lawn around the house and yard by the pool.  Just because we I can and we be pulling out tomorrow at some point and not sure when we will return. Like to leave the yards looking nice for John.
they have a very nice house too
yard looks great right now
the corn fields to the north are really starting nicely
now this is "Camp Awesome"
     Enough  fun  for today in this heat and humidity, just got to 87F (30 C) 50 % humidity , but we are ready to relax, So relax we did in the shade under our awing with a slight breeze , perfect weather to enjoy reading outside.
reading our page turners we, did
     Then I thought maybe do some more with our fridge. So I pulled it apart again . clean the burner , and soaked the orifice  in alcohol again and all back together will see if this is any better,
burner is cleaned 
orifice like new
we have good flame
       The fridge seems to work a bit better so maybe I fixed the problem , time will tell.
        That taken care of soon time to whip up supper, tonight a couple of chicken legs and thighs on our Grill mat to go with our salad,
chicken done nicely on the mat
and our salad sure worked for us.
     Now we still outside enjoying the 80F (26C) weather  at 8:30 pm so we fired up our genny and turned on both AC's just to bring the temp and humidty down inside our coach . It is still wonderful; outside no complaints and no bugs, yup we loving it, other then the noise of our generator.
    A very nice day all around got things done and taken care of here ready to move away, visit a few people and have too much fun in the  process.
    Glad that y'all dropped by today and hope your enjoyed yours as much as we enjoyed ours.
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  1. Sounds like a really productive day. Hope the fridge fix is a fix for sure and all works great.
    Safe travels.

    1. It was productive, and relaxing. Time will tell with the fridge fix

  2. Camp Awesome looks really nice. Hard to believe it's so hot way up there in May

    1. It is very nice here , we really enjoy it, Too bad the pool is not open yet.
      We wil take this hot temperature, in May no problem here.

  3. Good luck with the fridge fix, you may have licked the problem!
    Loving the heat, with the humidity already, it feels like mid summer weather but no complaints here. That is why we have a/c if we absolutely need it. The breeze for us is very welcomed. :)
    travel safe.

    1. Thanks Patsy sure hope it is fixed. We too love the heat, does feel like mid summer, not much of a breeze here but that is just fine.

  4. You sure save yourself a lot of money being able to repair things yourself. Good job!!! By the way, are you hooked up to electrical or dry camping?

    1. I try to fix whatever I can will see if this fix works.
      We have a 15 amp electrical connection, but on a 200 foot extension cord, so not a lot of power for us to use.

  5. Hope you have that fridge working like new! So many of the RV places seem to want to replace rather than repair. Looks like you are enjoying your time outside, either on the mower or in the shade.

    1. I am hoping so too, will see how it goes. We do know of and RV appliance repair guy that comes highly recommended, so if this doe not work I will be checking with him in a few weeks.
      Outside is our favourite place to be when we can.

  6. Hoping your frig is fixed! Sounds like a great day even if a little warm..You sure are leaving the yard looking beautiful! Dinner looks wonderful once again!!

    1. Thanks guys dinner was excellent.
      We hoping so too, not looking perfect yet. I like to keep the yard looking nice it is such beautiful property.


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