Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, May 07, 2018

Sunshine warm day and met some blog followers.

Where are we today ? 
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      Today starting with another nice sunrise and looks like it will be a great day.  Shorts on and head out for my first couple of walkabouts at 7 am enjoying the peace and quite here.
nice sunrise right from our dining room table
The square with a nice sunrise as well
         Wonderful reflections by the pond and said hello to a few people enjoyin the morning sun along the way.
        Then time to head into Forest for a few supplies and back home for a nice light lunch. Comment on yesterday's posting from Marlenne, "when do you guys actually eat all these leftovers ? Your keep cooking new dishes every day. As you have read, we have a light lunch almost every day. And we do not do processed meats or eat out very often. So it can be a sandwich for Suzie, or a wrap for me or just some meat, salsa,  yogurt, salad, apples, banana, whatever, always something light and different every day whatever we feel like, we do have choices. Left over chicken or ham usually makes a soup. No problem taking care of leftovers here. If a whole bunch could be like the beef stroganoff the other night and still roast beef for lunches.
stopped a local roadside stand for fresh asparagus,
but did not have any change
         This afternoon we enjoyed our e-readers for a while , I puttered around and a few more walkabouts. Then prepped our pork brisket roast to sear on the grill then low and slow for a couple of hours wrapped in foil.
this looked interesting so gave it a try
cooking instruction on the package
seared for 3 minutes a side
the wrapped in foil for a couple of hours
          Shortly after 3 pm Gerry and Tucker dropped over for Happy Hour, we chatted and Suzie got her doggie fix and Tucker got his treats. Was a very nice warm sunny after noon. A bit later a couple beside us stopped by to say Hi, They had just pulled in. She introduced herself as Kim and her Husband Ken. I read your Blog she said !  Did I know? nope. But sure was nice to meet them. Easy name to remember I have 2 children named Kim and Ken, as well a step brother and sister Kim and Ken. Such a small world.
         We chatted with them for a while and am sure we will chat again before they leave, first time here and am sure they will enjoy this park.
Gerry smiling? and Tucker getting a rub
Hi 5 for Tucker
and he gets his treat
Ken and Kim such a nice couple
beginning a new adventure of a lifetime
shortly after 5 pm roast and taters done
smells and looks wonderful
         Added to our salad, potatoes with Greek Yogurt and fresh ground pepper, this was excellent, and of course more leftovers for more lunches over the next few days.
this sure hot the spot tonight
     Another great day here enjoying this weather got to about 74F (23C) and mostly sunny . No complaints here at all. Cooled down by 7:30 only 59 F (15C) so finally back inside to relax a bit finish this posting and watch Super Girl, a show we both enjoy.
     Glad that y'all dropped in and hope your day was a good one as well.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Always special to meet blog readers. I hope they have many adventures ahead of them.

    1. It sure is nice meet people who read our blog, you just never know who they are until you meet them.

  2. I know how nice it is to meet blog readers. I remember you two stopping in CG to meet.

    1. Yes it is always fun and so nice to finally meet you guys there in CG a few years ago.

  3. I love the high 5 cute is that! Nice that you met some fans! Amazing isn't it! What a great day once again..dinner looked so good!

    1. Tucker is a long time friend of ours, Gerry and Melinda too. It is amazing the people we meet in our travels, and yes dinner was excellent.

  4. Pork brisket? Never heard of it, but it's looks delicious! Tucker is a cutie pie. Love the high 5!

    1. I never heard of Pork Brisket either, but is was very tasty and a good price too!
      Tucker is great dog and so friendly, loves Suzie and his treat of course. He does the high 5 quite well.

  5. I finally have WiFi, it's been a week!, and using it to catch up on the blog. Never heard of a pork brisket, beef for sure and along the Gaviota coast here it's all about who has the best tri-tip.

    1. Thanks for stopping i Jeff glad to have you back Never heard of the pork briskets either but it was tasty tender and easy to do.. Try top is good probably better but now so much here in southern Ontario.

  6. What a nice morning walk and gorgeous sunrise!! It is always nice to meet blog readers in person!! We met a few at the rally this week!!
    Dinner looked great!!

    1. It is very nice here great for wandering about and is always fun to meet blog readers in our travels.
      Dinner was excellent thanks.


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