Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A wonderful hot sunny day, what's not to love about that ?

Where are we today ? 
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        Again a nice quiet sleep, very warm. windows open, gotta love it. We have some amazing weather in store for us today and the next few days, so will make good use of it. First thing I did after my coffee was put on a pot of chicken soup, from the leftover chicken breast bones we cooked on our Weber Q last night. Let this simmer for a while and make a wonderful soup broth.
an interesting sunrise the morning
      Then a 2 mile walkabout town listening to the birds, chat with a few people doing the same thing and the peaceful morning sounds.
so nice here on River road
Looking towards town on River Road
          Back home added to our soup then a nice walk across the road into the bush trails. But did not go too far , still pretty muddy back there. So down by the river, nice and grassy and peaceful here. Love this area.
into the bush but still too muddy
       Spotted a lot of fungus on a few downed trees they are doing quite well.
always interesting how they grow
but nice down by the river
chicken noodle soup today is ready
love soup for lunch
           Now our soup was done we enjoyed an early lunch. And at 10:45 Suzie whipped into New Hamburg visit her dad and ran a few errands. While she was gone I hopped on the mower to finish my first cutting of these 5 acres here. Almost dry and so very long, will need one or 2 more cuttings to look decent again, it grows so fast at this time of year.
 love these lilacs they smell wonderful
close to the back of the yard can see us near
 the front where we park
       Suzie was back home by 12:30 and I was about done mowing for the day before it gets too hot, Did get to 89F (31C) and you know it is warm when Suzie is sitting outside in the shade in shorts. A perfect day to read in the shade.
we have a perfect spot here, morning sun and afternoon shade.
afternoon shade from the willow trees as well
this is the view we love
        Soon time to whip up supper. A real teat for us that we both love. Liver and onions with bacon and mushrooms, Oh so tasty, Quick and easy on our grill mat too.  Not for everyone but something we do enjoy. In my restaurant was a big seller, when a couple would come in and only one of them liked liver. I made a lot of it back in the day.
Cooking the bacon onions and mushrooms first 
then the liver only takes a couple of minutes a side
oh yeah !
added to our salad was so tasty.
       That was our fun day here outside enjoying this wonderful warm weather, Got soup made , lawn mowed, 4 miles walked, and some major reading on my new page turner, and a very tasty supper. 
      Finished posting this blog about 8 pm and still outside in shorts, and 70 F, Perfect! But soon need to go inside looks like the mosquitoes may be looking to find us, only at this time of day.   
       Want to thank y;all for stopping in for a peak and hope you had a wonderful day as well.   
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. DoM (Dear ol Mom) made a really good liver and onions, have not found one to compare to it. I had chicken tortilla soup for lunch, an option for your left overs. Suzi looks comfy, the lawn is looking good. Enjoy those sunny days!

    1. You need to be careful cooking liver and not overcook it, gets real tough and tasteless. Tortilla soup sounds interesting maybe give it a try.
      We are enjoying these sunny days.

  2. Your mowing is looking pretty good.

  3. Great day to mow lawn and do anything you want to do!
    Liver and onions look yummy.

  4. I would love your supper but Bev would make me cook it outside as she doesn't even like the smell of liver cooking.

    1. Yes that is an issue with a love of people, either love it or hate it. Cooking outside works for me on our Weber Q.

  5. What a beautiful day and so warm! Your chicken soup turned out awesome, I swear I could taste it in the picture! Liver and onions not for me, but Ken said it looked so good! Bacon, onions and mushrooms yum!

    1. It was a perfect day, this is the weather we love.
      Soup tasty as always, and the liver, bacon , onions was excellent.

  6. Such a wonderful day! Love the fungus/mushrooms on the trees...way cool!

    1. I thought they were so cool as well. Nice to see them.

  7. Mosquitos need to eat too!!! I love the fungus among us. Great images.

    1. The mosquitoes can eat but preferably not us, lol.
      The fungus is always interesting to see.

  8. A perfect day, even dinner "looks" good.

  9. 6PM here in Rome and just checking that all is well in your world. I promise to read every post that I missed while in Europe

    1. I know you are having fun there, not much exciting here just some wonderful weather.


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