Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Relief Sale is history and a Memorial ride from Plattsville today

Where are we today ? 
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     So quiet here at the New Hamburg Fairgrounds after everyone has left. Got a couple of miles walked around the track here and  then we secured our coach and the 15 minute drive back to Plattsville and Camp Awesome.

everybody gone
just us and another trailer way down the road
   Back to Plattsville by 9:30m am  I hopped on the mower to cut the grass before  we parked, And did a bit more mowing around here until 11 am. Time for a lunch then mow a bit more until 12:30, Want to head to the arena for the Tyler Todd memorial motorcycle ride, At 1 PM.

        PTE Tyler Todd was killed in Afghanistan in April 2010.  A local young boy from the Plattsville area only 26 years old. Well known in the community you can read about it HERE . He was an avid motorcycle rider and every year there is a ride from town here in his honour.
this bike is in Memory of Tyler
       Not sure how many Bikers arrive every year, well over a hundred maybe 2 hundred or more. The ride takes off at 1 pm around the country side and stops by the cemetery then back here to the arena.
this year's Group of riders
they are taking off  and took over 4 minutes for them too head out of town
an impressive memorial
was kinda cool to hear the roar
     After they left I got back to Camp Awesome and resumed mowing some more of the acreage here that just keeps on growing. I called it quits at 2:45  today, maybe 75% done. About and hour left to do another day.
     With my 5.5 miles walked yesterday and 5  miles today I am ready to relax in the shade, 93 F out here so lotsa water consumed.  Reading in the shade sure sounds like a great idea.
the lawn looks wonderful freshly mowed
          Supper tonight our tasty salad and the rest of the BBQ'd chicken legs from the Relief Sale yesterday, no problem we do love our chicken.
just reheat on our Weber Q and sure did the trick,
more bones in the freezer for soup
yup did the trick tonight
      Just a nice laid back day getting things taken care of , enjoying the Motorcycle tribute, relax in the shade with my honey on an amazing hot summer weather type day.
      Glad that you stopped on by and hope your had some great weather as well.
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  1. It does surprise with the efficiency the vendor areas are not only packed up, but the grounds cleaned up. That's a nice group for the tribute ride to a fallen hero. Altho I no longer ride, my older brother continues to participate in The Run For the Wall. There are numerous expenses the riders must bear, so it is really a tribute to have so many participate.

    1. After the sale everything was all cleaned up no trash anywhere, just like nothing ever happened.
      There is always a great turnout every year for this tribute, no matter what the weather.

  2. Biker folks are really great they will pitch in or put together these memorial runs, ride for donations to help a family in need and so many other things.

    1. They really do pitch in and are all a great bunch with these memorial rides.

  3. Love the charity rides, no matter what the charity.
    It was a wonderful day!

    1. This ride is a great tribute.
      It was a wonderful day amazing weather.

  4. Your video turned out wonderful! Great tribute to a hometown boy who gave his life so selflessly. The yard looks awesome and nice day for reading even though it was hot. Dinner nice and easy, just the way I like em.haha.

    1. Thanks guys a wonderful tribute for sure.
      The weather awesome, just the way we like it.

  5. What a great tribute to a fallen hero. And an amazing bike ... how cool is that?
    I miss my bbq I left in Arizona. Thinking I may need to get another.

    1. It is an awesome tribute and the bike amAzing . I can’t do without my Webber a either

  6. Nice way to honor the memory of a fallen hero.


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