Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cooler, overcast a soup kinda day, some shopping done and a fun Happy hour.

Where are we today ? 
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    Just another wonderful night sleeping here again windows open, Gotta love it. After our early morning  coffees. I put our the leftover chicken from last night on to boil to make a tasty broth for some chicken soup. Then enjoyed a nice walkabout the park. Feeling great just a few stiff muscles from yesterdays long walkabout but can work those kinks out. Inky 2.5 miles today, still not bad.
chicken soup broth almost done
        Then when Suzie was ready about 9 we headed into Strathroy for a few groceries and stopped by the Goodwill store for her to pick up (a new to her) spring coat, The other one has passed away. She found what she wanted and we good to go back home. Finish the soup and enjoy a nice light, tasty lunch.
this sure hit the spot today, overcast and a NE wiind
   We enjoy some nice reading time outside, Noticed the dandelions coming out, a sure sign of spring here for sure.
       Chatted with our new friends (blog followers) Ken and Kim, and now new members here at Rock Glen, They heading out this afternoon and we are sure we will meet up with them again either here or on the road. Such a super couple they are.
there they go Ken and Jim heading out
        Now at 2 pm I prepped our pork ribs with sauerkraut to go on the Weber Q. For the recipe you can click HERE  or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
almost ready for the Weber Q
Tucker is a good dog
     Then at 3 pm we enjoy our Happy Hour and friends can stop by, (gotta keep an eye on our supper), Gerry came by with Tucker and got his treat, Suzie got her first doggie fix today and we flapped our gums for a while.
A bit later Joe and Choco dropped by
and Tucker ran to greet hi
the Gerry's daughter dropping in to give him a Granddaughter fix
Gerry in his glory
Suzie got another doggie fix with Choco
we all here having fun
Gerry and his grandaughter
     After every one headed out, was getting chilly, I put the ribs on our grill mat to glaze with out tasty sticky BBQ sauce. Until done perfectly.
yup they done
add to our salad and sauerkraut
sure did the trick
no leftovers tonight !
       A cooler day, but no rain and a very productive, fun day we had.
       Thanks for drooping on by.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Looks like a good get together in the afternoon, and Gerry really enjoying time with his granddaughter. Your dinner looked very appetizing.

    1. Its was a fun time and Gerry just loves his granddaughter .

  2. A wonderful day, warmer stuff on the way, I'm sure of it! :)
    Gerry looks good in pink, make sure to tell him that for me please.
    Cute pictures of them.

    1. It was a great day, and will be warming back up again soon for sure.
      Yes Gerry does look "pretty in Pink" I will be sure to tell him.

  3. Soup turned out wonderful! That baby is just too adorable. Proud Grandpa obviously! Nice that you met new friends and they joined the resorts I'm sure you'll be seeing them down the road! Great Happy Hour what a nice turnout! Ribs looked awesome!

    1. Yes the soup was excellent thanks. And Gerry is a very proud Grandpa. am sure we will be running into them again.Happy hours just evolves, some days lotsa people some days none. And the ribs tasty and fall off the bones as usual.

  4. It's looking pretty chilly to me!!! Love puppy fixes!!

  5. Nice turn-out for your Happy Hour, bet they smelled the ribs on the BBQ. They certainly looked good. Always nice meet up with friends and make new ones.

    1. It was a nice turn out, just never know who will stop by. They smelled the ribs cooking whole they were here that's for sure. Anti is always nice too chat with friends and new and old ones.

  6. This looks like such a relaxing time. We love that Tucker was having such a great time. The food looks delicious, now we are hungry here at the office now. Thanks for the share. Have a great Mothers Day weekend.
    World of Animals

    1. Yes Tucker always has fun with us. Thanks for the comment and you have a great Mother's Day weekend as well.


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